30/10/2018, 20:41

Read the #WordPress Accessibility team’s #Gutenberg report. I have huge respect for the people building GB. I WANT to like it. But many of the issues outlined here reflect mine. It’s too complicated & too difficult to use. https://w4e.uk/gba11y

21/10/2018, 22:08

#WordPress Given the accessibility issues, isn’t the solution to launching Gutenberg at #WCUS to have it opt-in on update/install and with an option to opt back out if you decide you don’t want it? Which is kinda how I ALWAYS said it should be released?

01/09/2018, 13:50

Thought I should write a bit about the contexts in which I try to think about the #WordPress #Gutenberg project. https://rosswintle.uk/2018/08/on-behalf-of/

31/08/2018, 20:36

Today’s #WordPress #Gutenberg update is, IMO, a step in the right direction. But also feels a bit 🤦‍♂️. A chance to simplify things has ended up with more obscurely-named options. https://make.wordpress.org/core/2018/08/31/whats-new-in-gutenberg-31st-august/