2023-12-30 17:41:28

I know this is probably an ancient JAMStack thing, but is there a really simple, cheap, cloud-based database/key-value store with a simple get/put API and simple auth?

Happy to self-host (this may be preferable, in fact).

2023-12-30 12:16:15

Docs are incredible. Data structures are documented. There’s pseudo code for key algorithms. And over 40 pages of documented manual tests!!

I never did anything like this in my working life.

Well done 17/18 year old me!! 🙌🙌

2023-12-30 12:08:03

Working at a very low level though. There are references to hand-crafted, doubly-linked lists! Needs a better standard library/primitives. Perhaps these existed but we were encouraged to work from first principles?

2023-12-30 12:06:07

Pascal seems really well structured. I’m seeing interfaces, good typing. “PROCEDURE”s presumably have side effects where “FUNCTION”s do not. Nice!

2023-12-30 11:37:19

Looking through some old files and having a turn out.

In 1999 I delivered a technical writing course. Using OHP acetates!

I was a year out of university and in my graduate position.

Seems like I ALWAYS cared about this stuff.

2023-12-28 23:49:13

Follow up on my community/social stuff for today…

I went and signed in to a bunch of Slack workspaces I had signed out of and found one is fairly active and has some good people and good discussions going on.

I'm finding out more about the setup (can I invite people? can I create new channels?). But this may be where I land. Let's see.

2023-12-28 16:32:27

I think 2024 is the year I finally realise I’m a nerd. And that’s fine. It’s my best way of being. I like words and numbers and code and games. They are my things. And they are good things.

I will embrace it. And enjoy it.

In my own ways.