29/11/2022, 21:18

Oh gah! There’s a bug in Turbo Admin that nobody’s ever reported (until today) that stops it working on first install. Looks like an async race condition. Will fix ASAP.

If you ever came across this I’m sorry it failed at the first hurdle. Seems to be more common on Firefox.

29/11/2022, 08:00

I’ve had more practice than most, but I hearby declare that todays WordlePress puzzle is eminently guessable.

I got it in FOUR!!

28/11/2022, 22:44

Dangit. I’m gonna have to switch to Tailwind. Because that’s where all the ready-made components are. I guess it was inevitable. Oh well.

28/11/2022, 22:41

I feel all “Bah, humbug”, but what with the energy crisis and all, shouldn’t we all be reducing energy demand by, say, not turning on an enormous amount of flashy party lights for most of an entire month?


26/11/2022, 21:49

A big lump of fun “recreational coding” this weekend. Wanted to tackle WordlePress – my SUPER difficult and vaguely educational #WordPress function guessing game.

Aside from sharing results, it’s now, I think, “feature complete”:
– Daily + random puzzles
– Much more help with entering words
– Saves data

BUT… the UI still needs a LOT of polish.

Still… have a go if that’s your thing?


26/11/2022, 16:44

I reserve swearing for when it’s really needed. Forgive me but…

Fuck all of you who drive like idiots around school. Fuck your mounting the kerb to “park”. Fuck your arrogant, must-get-ahead entitlement.

Yes, accidents like this are rare and this behaviour is extreme. But the mindset is there and this is where it leads.

Thoughts with this family and the school today.


And yes, I know some of you need to get places on time. And I’m sympathetic to that. But seriously, being safe would cost you about 30 seconds in most cases. Some of you spend more time elaborately “parking” close to the school than you would walking for a bit. Sort it out!!

26/11/2022, 16:41

I think single-HTML-page tools with interactivity using #AlpineJS are truly my new favourite little projects.

Really enjoying hacking on WordlePress a bit this weekend.

Gradual improvements, and such fun to make.

Just need a designer!!

25/11/2022, 17:45

I just revisited my WordPress microblog – this syncs to https://micro.blog/

Seems I was clever and made a little Dashboard widget for posting.

I’d love for something like this to be my main posting interface. Not with the WP Dashboard crud. But post here an it sends to Mastodon (and other places) but has MY site as the source of my own posts.

25/11/2022, 11:05

Just got a Black Friday email that made me VERY cross.

A curse for the bad-faith web developer:

“May all your domains accidentally expire without notice. May your database become inexplicably corrupt. And may all your backups not be restorable.”

25/11/2022, 10:43

I’m trying a vertical mouse (Logi MX Vertical as I have large hands) after multiple recommendations. Most recently from @shanselman

But I’m just not getting it. Maybe I have the wrong muscles and need to adapt?

Also: missing the magnetic scrolling of the regular MX (didn’t realise how awesome this was til it’s not there) and sideways scrolling.