23/05/2019, 21:12

And from last weekend:

WordCamp so far:

23% psychology
15% talking about children
21% command-line tips
7% translating videos
2% how to hug properly
21% chatting business
9% food, drink, general chat

About 2% WordPress!

But I love it! 😃 #WCBRS

23/05/2019, 21:10

Parenting tip, inspired by the News Quiz from Friday:

Get a Google Home or Amazon Alexa device to create the pleasant feeling of someone in your house responding when you call their name!


23/05/2019, 21:10

From Tuesday:

I rarely feel this, but I feel like I nailed today. Great live Q&A session with a bunch of freelancers. Finished early to get my slightly-poorly girl from pre-school. Family time. Then bashed out a feature in a Laravel app. Felt so good somehow! 🙌

23/05/2019, 21:09

My Schoolbot data needs updating. And its incorrectness is highlighting how much I’ve come to depend on it.

I need to find a keen, helpful, tech-savvy school to pilot this with at some point.

23/05/2019, 21:09

Oh gosh. I forgot to say. I’ve made it!! I had an almost-funny tweet read out the No Plans To Merge podcast.

I’m done now. I’m going to stop posting and Tweeting while I’m ahead.

15/05/2019, 16:06

Hah. I think we left our car unlocked. And the world’s worst opportunistic thrives opened it and had a rummage around.

Mostly it looks like they wanted a light for a cigarette! 🤷‍♂️

11/05/2019, 19:24

But also…personally…I think I’m having a pretty chilled time. Last summer the thought of a BBQ somehow seemed like stressful and overwhelming. Just did my first of the year. Little planning. With some good friends round. Nailed THAT!! 😃

11/05/2019, 19:24

Having one of those fed-up-with-tech times. Almost want to skip Twitter for a bit. People really need to be kinder and more thoughtful and graceful with their words. This is an ongoing theme right now.

11/05/2019, 18:12

I also…to my own utter horror…need some kind of fill-in light for doing video. Because I’m normally back-lit in my office. And now I’m looking at all sorts of “beauty vlogger” products. 😱😱😱😂😂😂

11/05/2019, 18:10

Tried filming myself with the camera built into my monitor yesterday. This is a new thing. I don’t film myself. But needs must.

Anyway. Turns out the camera in my old Apple Cinema Display is rubbish!!

So I need a webcam?!

I feel so noughties!

02/05/2019, 10:08

Most people, when the office internet goes down:

“Ah, internet’s gone down. I’ll go for a coffee/walk, take a break.”

Networking geeks when then internet goes down:

“Why the heck is the internet down? *ping* *dig* *change DNS settings* etc”

02/05/2019, 06:35

Since starting to take my girl to her pre-school I’ve re-discovered “The Button” by “The Tunnel”.

I’m still not brave enough to press it!

02/05/2019, 06:34

One of the great things about getting a Christmas gift of a variety pack of craft beer has been studying the branding. It’s fascination what a name and a label can make you think about a thing.