31/05/2019, 17:34

Wintle’s first law of recreational and fitness cycling:

Regardless of season or time of day, at the top of every moderate or steep climb, someone has lit a bonfire.


31/05/2019, 10:40

Finally, FINALLY, I have a Gutenberg block that will print a list of pins imported from Pinboard into WordPress using my Sync Pinboard plugin.

Gosh that was hard work.

To be fair to JS: PHP/WordPress wasn’t entirely helpful either.

31/05/2019, 06:05

Honestly. I have been working on little side projects the last few days. JavaScript, in one form or another, has tripped me up at every step. Broken, unresolvable npm dependencies, deprecated packages, weird scoping issues.

Stuff for me to learn, for sure, but such hard work.

29/05/2019, 19:17

I don’t normally pay attention to my old statuses that Facebook drags up from the past, but this, from 8 years ago, is STILL a brilliant idea!

“I’ve decided to start an organisation like the Gideons that goes round hotels putting board games and packs of cards in the rooms :)”

25/05/2019, 10:38

Finally feeling fit and time-free enough for this. Booked!!!

Climbing here we come!!

With huge thanks to my family for making this happen.

24/05/2019, 20:34

Seriously. Like. The queen should be having to going and picking someone to reluctantly do this job.

“Err…Boris? We’re a bit short of PM’s this month. Don’t suppose you’d mind stepping up would you? Just…you know…temporarily?”

No one should want it.

16 people?!?!

24/05/2019, 20:34

Did I hear 16 people want the Conservative leader + PM job?


Why would you want it? It’s an impossible task.

Why do sixteen people want an impossible job playing a game that you can’t win with the risk being you trash the whole country?


23/05/2019, 21:12

And from last weekend:

WordCamp so far:

23% psychology
15% talking about children
21% command-line tips
7% translating videos
2% how to hug properly
21% chatting business
9% food, drink, general chat

About 2% WordPress!

But I love it! 😃 #WCBRS

23/05/2019, 21:10

Parenting tip, inspired by the News Quiz from Friday:

Get a Google Home or Amazon Alexa device to create the pleasant feeling of someone in your house responding when you call their name!


23/05/2019, 21:10

From Tuesday:

I rarely feel this, but I feel like I nailed today. Great live Q&A session with a bunch of freelancers. Finished early to get my slightly-poorly girl from pre-school. Family time. Then bashed out a feature in a Laravel app. Felt so good somehow! 🙌

23/05/2019, 21:09

My Schoolbot data needs updating. And its incorrectness is highlighting how much I’ve come to depend on it.

I need to find a keen, helpful, tech-savvy school to pilot this with at some point.

23/05/2019, 21:09

Oh gosh. I forgot to say. I’ve made it!! I had an almost-funny tweet read out the No Plans To Merge podcast.

I’m done now. I’m going to stop posting and Tweeting while I’m ahead.

15/05/2019, 16:06

Hah. I think we left our car unlocked. And the world’s worst opportunistic thrives opened it and had a rummage around.

Mostly it looks like they wanted a light for a cigarette! 🤷‍♂️

11/05/2019, 19:24

But also…personally…I think I’m having a pretty chilled time. Last summer the thought of a BBQ somehow seemed like stressful and overwhelming. Just did my first of the year. Little planning. With some good friends round. Nailed THAT!! 😃

11/05/2019, 19:24

Having one of those fed-up-with-tech times. Almost want to skip Twitter for a bit. People really need to be kinder and more thoughtful and graceful with their words. This is an ongoing theme right now.

11/05/2019, 18:12

I also…to my own utter horror…need some kind of fill-in light for doing video. Because I’m normally back-lit in my office. And now I’m looking at all sorts of “beauty vlogger” products. 😱😱😱😂😂😂

11/05/2019, 18:10

Tried filming myself with the camera built into my monitor yesterday. This is a new thing. I don’t film myself. But needs must.

Anyway. Turns out the camera in my old Apple Cinema Display is rubbish!!

So I need a webcam?!

I feel so noughties!