2023-02-28 23:11:32

My tennis class tonight was basically learning to throw a small ball in a straight line for a distance of about 1.5metres and discovering that’s really quite difficult.

I am mid-forties.

I can not throw a ball in a straight line.


2023-02-26 23:31:48

Woah. Was in the process of transferring domains, hosting and DNS for a small local org to another agency taking on those responsibilities.

Apparently the transfer to them has been "reverted".

Nameservers are back with me and only working by chance.

I'm the only contact on the hosting account now.

I was NOT consulted about this.

Just as well I'm a good egg, eh? But even so, this is super bad.

2023-02-26 15:10:18

Aaaand (sorry to bore you with it but…) Turbo Admin for Chrome/Edge/Arc/Chomium/etc is now updated to 1.13.1 as well.

Again, there's been a big change to how the extension works, so let me know if anything's not right. Hopefully it's improvements all around.

Another update is coming soon to fix a few things that you hopefully don't notice right now. Then it's FEATURES!!

What features would you love in the dashboard?

2023-02-26 15:03:21

I just found out that WhatsApp lets you make avatars, and there are some of the head/clothing combos it’s offered me are hilarious! (With apologies if this IS your style!)

2023-02-26 09:46:25

Version 1.13.2 of the plugin version of Turbo Admin (my command-palette for ) is out, inheriting the enhancements from the latest version of the extension.


This also improves compatibility with the WordPress 6.2 theme editor screen (though note that if you have admin bar search turned on Turbo Admin doesn't work on this screen because there is no admin bar!)

Props to @courtneyr_dev for bug reports.

2023-02-25 17:29:26

Turbo Admin v1.13.1 is on its way to Firefox users (I skipped 1.13.0 due to an administrative error!)

This includes the big update to "Manifest v3" which is a change in how browser extensions work.

PLEASE let me know if you come across any issues with this.

I've also updated the changelog with all the recent updates. Perhaps theres stuff in there you didn't know about? WooCommerce search, user search, plugin search?

More to come soon too!!


2023-02-25 12:49:52

My very intelligent wife has pointed out that these could be formed by dropping ingredients into circular moulds.

She is probably right.

There probably are not small waste triangles.

2023-02-25 12:30:13

I can’t help thinking that somewhere there are a load of caramel waffle triangles that go to waste and that square stroopwaffles would be a much better idea.

2023-02-25 07:23:55

I had an interesting cycling experience yesterday.

A van overtook me wide but on the approach to a pinch point.

When this happens I tend to shout and point ahead at the danger.

He flagged me down a little further up the road to ask what he’d done wrong. After all, he'd given me 2 metres.

Which was fair, but he’d had to accelerate hard uphill and then had to swerve in at me to get through the chiccane.

It's not just about giving cyclists width, folks.

2023-02-23 22:47:57

Nice to get some little changes and fixes done on Turbo Admin tonight:
– Some caching of API responses to improve performance
– Add some more staging URLs
– Sort the GitHub-is-WordPress-aint-it? issue

Will probably push a release out soon. This seems minor but will include the change to Manifest v3 which is kinda big!

2023-02-20 15:59:12

Every now and then I have a day with my kids where I feel like I can do this dad thing. It’s sadly rare. People tell me I'm doing a great job. But days when I FEEL like it are few and far between.

Today is one of them. And I'm SOOOOO grateful for it.

Also: The Mitchells vs the Machines is SUCH a funny and brilliant film. And wow I had to hold in a few tears at the end.

2023-02-19 23:19:29

Spent most of my evening fixing up Turbo Admin to work as a Manifest v3 extension.

Think I've nailed it. Chrome AND Firefox!!

Still doing some stuff a bit brute-force for now.

Will hopefully write up some stuff, if I remember. Because the docs are pretty poor and there's weirdness!

2023-02-19 16:06:06

So weird seeing this place emptied of water.

And so sad to see the old haunt neglected. So many memories here.

This is the Oasis in Swindon.


2023-02-19 10:24:34

OK. What am missing. I want a smartphone app that lets my kid (10/11) communicate with friends in a group.

– No lower age limit
– Parental control over contacts/groups
– Cross platform
– Push notifications
– I’m happy to self-host a server
– No big tech

Does this exist?