29/08/2017, 22:02

This is amazing: “when you’re walking around…you see lots of people. But you don’t really see them…You’re like a cow looking at cars.”

16/08/2017, 14:12

I feel like itโ€™s a very special thing to actually enjoy an annual meeting with your accountant. Thank you Jessica!!!

15/08/2017, 18:40

Ah. Just remembered how hashtags in micro.blog+WordPress SHOULD work: it should actually create a WP tag! Need to make that happen.

15/08/2017, 18:33

There’s some serious geekery going on on the other side of my office this week. Nice to come back from holiday to!

15/08/2017, 18:31

So I tried a Monzo card while on holiday. Interesting. Sign-up UX & support is good. Still not convinced of benefits with my usage patterns.