2024-07-25 10:25:57

This is the perfect description of bored parent life on The Vergecast:

“You’re in this headspace … where you’re just exhausted and you’re like ‘I want to play a game. I don’t want to use my brain at all. And I’m going to need to play this game for somewhere between 1 minute and 5 hours.’”

I’m have bad news for @imdavidpierce

I can vouch for the fact that this is still true when they’re age 12!!! 😂


2024-07-25 09:30:25

(Someone will likely now tell me all the awful things about Tapo gear. Security and privacy and icky stuff. Right?)

2024-07-25 09:29:31

User experience counts!

I’m generally anti-smart-home. But we bought some smart plugs that we use on a heated airer to make sure it doesn’t stay on too long, and to measure energy use.

I’ve been SO impressed with the ease of use of these things (TP-Link/Tapo) that I made my new home-office a bit smart. Automations let me turn everything on or off and so on. With power monitoring too!

Tapo stuff is really easy to set up and the app is really good. That made me go back for more.

2024-07-23 21:19:05

I rarely swear. I save it for when I really mean it. But f**k I can't get on with the WordPress block editor.

Is there some, intuitive way to paste a URL, as a URL, without it going batshit crazy trying to do something other than paste a URL?


2024-07-23 21:01:51

My open tabs list on my mobile has got silly big. Think I might blog them as I bookmark and close them down. Could be fun. 10 a day.

A worthy challenge?

Let’s see. It probably won’t last.

2024-07-22 21:40:14

Oh, and Turbo Admin is a browser extension, so I can fire up a new site with WP-CLI or Local or whatever and all these improvements are just injected into the site for me. No plugin.

I'm the only person that knows how it works and even *I* think it's freakin magic!!!


Will shut up now.

If you like keyboard-driven tooling and use WordPress a lot, try it though, will you? 🙏

2024-07-22 21:37:31

I know I keep on about it when I'm working on it, but, honestly, if you work across many WordPress sites, and are constantly spinning up new ones to test things, Turbo Admin removes SO many little annoyances like welcome screens/panels, unwanted help modals, and adds an actually-useful command palette, and now a bunch of helpful keyboard shortcuts.

Makes me SO productive!!

(And yes, I mostly made it for me. But I’m convinced that many others would love it too.)


2024-07-22 21:26:45

This new plugin developer job has me working in the wp-admin dashboard a lot more of late. So I've really been working hard on Turbo Admin in my spare time to make life easier. And it's SO much easier using the keyboard to drive .

See how much you can do with no mouse (I used my trackpad once in this recording – see if you can spot it!)

I don't really know how to talk about the benefits of this if you're in the Dashboard a lot. So just watch this…

2024-07-22 09:03:35

I learned yesterday of a game called “The Mind” that seems very cool (though I’m guessing it could quickly get boring).

Seems all you need to play are 100 cards with the numbers 1 to 100 on them.

Might have a go at making it!

(Also, yes, wondering if a static web app can replace the cards somehow… hmm)

2024-07-20 21:31:11

To be clear, I’m not saying don’t charge for your work. I’m totally up for that!

But if your primary motivation is education and helping others then make the resources you produce affordable.

Good examples of this are @kenney and @b0rk and @aurooba

2024-07-20 21:07:36

I liked it when people made stuff for the love of doing it and because they wanted to share what they knew with others. Now it’s all super-professional production, wrapped in dodgy-looking marketing speak, using scammy scarcity marketing pricing techniques and costs hundreds of dollars because “value pricing” or something.

Even the people who clearly already have a crap ton of money are doing it.

I liked the old internet.

2024-07-20 14:59:58

You know the whole "Our devices are listening to us all the time” thing.

Well the internet just went one better than that.

About 4.5 hours ago my kid asked me “Why is it that when our bodies are 37.5°C, we feel hot when it's 37.5°C?”

To my shame, I couldn't answer.

Then… THEN!!! …

1 hour ago, @hankgreen posts this!


2024-07-19 22:01:39

Ah. If you have Turbo Admin on Firefox, they've changed the permissions system recently and you may have to go to the Manage Extensions screen and turn this on.

Turbo Admin needs this permission to:
– Figure out if sites are using WordPress (by inspecting HTTP headers)
– Inject the script onto page that makes Turbo Admin work

2024-07-18 23:53:16

If you have the browser extension it should auto-update. Or you can force it from the extensions options.

I'll be updating the plugin soon!

2024-07-18 23:51:49

Cranking out updates this week!

Turbo Admin 1.15 is here with a big update to List Table Keyboard Shortcuts.

That’s a clumsy name, but it means you now get keyboard access to:

– Items in most“list tables” (posts, pages, comments, WooCommerce Orders and Products, etc) (‘J’, ‘K’ on keyboard, ‘Enter' to select)
– Focus search on list tables (‘/‘ on keyboard)
– Pagination of these tables ('Ctrl-F' and 'Ctrl-B’)


2024-07-18 12:52:39

“I’ve been doing this for YEARS and there’s hardly a week that goes by that I don’t learn about a new horrifying way to accidentally cause a breaking change… the rules are too complex, there’s too many of them, it’s too easy to break them without noticing … The real answer here is the tooling just need to be good.”

Great Short from @changelog !