14/03/2019, 22:32

You know, this week has left me really jaded about the web design/development industry. I don’t know who can be trusted any more. I daren’t interact or discuss. I’m questioning even my own motives. And I’m really sad and confused. 😕

But we get past it and carry on.

14/03/2019, 22:29

Been meaning to add a little “Maker Log” to my blog to record some of what I’m up to:

* Add a WordPress post type
* Add a custom widget
* Make a WP-CLI remote command to post to it from the command line


All at https://rosswintle.uk

10/03/2019, 18:33

Product idea: a plate with a cover that’s connected to a sensor in a cushion you put on a chair. The cover only opens when it detects the presence of a child sitting fully on the chair. You HAVE to sit on the chair to be able to eat the food!

Now someone please make this. Ta!

04/03/2019, 21:56

I still have a large bunch of content updates to do, but I wanted to get this out. There. It’s done! *phew*

04/03/2019, 21:53

BREAKING! (probably literally): I had this crazy idea for re-making my personal website/blog. I’m still not sure if it’s a great idea, or a terrible one. But go have a play anyway and let me know what you think. Still a work in progress, somewhat.


02/03/2019, 18:48

I also had the “Aha!” moment of discovering the Statamic “Stashe” (the index of content that it builds). Suddenly lots of things make sense.

Also: my laptop goes pretty crazy when rebuilding the “Stashe”!! 🔥🔥🔥

Also: Love that I can version control all my content changes. 🙌

02/03/2019, 18:47

In other news, in my “spare” time I’m continuing to play with Statamic. Have exported all my blog content from WordPress (~630 posts) and imported to a test Statamic install. Mostly easy, but the export missed out post tags…I think?

02/03/2019, 18:47

Just realised I can run business-critical Slack workspaces inside Wavebox (alongside my Gmail and other stuff) and “community” Slack workspaces in the Slack app. Thus letting me “kill” community work spaces all at once.


02/03/2019, 18:04

Having a bit of a digital spring-clean too.

– Deleted Medium account – one whack-a-mole I’m bored of and don’t need now
– Deleted Quora account – same reasons
– Removed myself from several noisy Facebook groups

02/03/2019, 17:51

If, like for me, today was your let’s-start-spring-cleaning day, let me know you stats.

Mine are:

– Rooms cleaned: 0.3
– % Time spent placating bored children: 92%
– Random, un-planned DIY jobs achieved: 1
– Marie Kondo score: 1/10
– Lego pieces hoovered: 0 (!!)

26/02/2019, 22:42

As I’m going to be in a co-working space over the next few months, I set up an Algo VPN today. Took a while to get going (my fault: RTFM!) but was ultimately pretty simple.

WireGuard made setup easy on MacOS and iOS too.

Thanks to @javorszky for advice and help!!

26/02/2019, 20:56

I didn’t say in my #weeknotes, but I’ve been getting myself sorted with PHPCS and coding standards. It’s a little set up to get up and running (Sublime was easier than PHPStorm) but I’m really into it now. I love that it takes away micro-decisions about formatting.

26/02/2019, 06:52

I just used the phrase “being a bit Theresa May about it” to refer to something I’m procrastinating about making a decision over.

22/02/2019, 20:13

I know I’ll sound like a snob but I was a bit sad to only submit one talk to WordCamp London. The thing is, I have REALLY high standards. I had several ideas but only one that I could imagine being interesting and entertaining as a talk.