05/12/2022, 20:50

Last night my daughter (6) invented “Noughts and Crosses for Gods”

“How does that work?”

“Well you have a 1-by-1 grid but you still have to get three in a row”


04/12/2022, 22:59

Checking on my tinkering to-do list from the other week:

Noting to self my “home” todos…

⬜️ Update caniphp.com for v8.2
✅ Finish old company accounts
⬜️ Add some features to the “GetOut” app
✅ Improve WordlePress
✅ Properly update and document the Turbo Admin bookmarklet
⬜️ Finish next big Turbo Admin release

Not bad going!!

04/12/2022, 22:51

And before you ask, NO, you really should not install and use a bookmarklet that downloads and executes arbitrary JavaScript!!

But then, you shouldn’t install browser extensions that do the same thing.

If you trust me with one I’m hoping you trust me with the other.

04/12/2022, 09:56

Today’s WordlePress puzzle is even harder than normal! Something to learn perhaps.

HOWEVER! The link to the #WordPress docs when you win or give up doesn’t work. Seems like this particular function isn’t documented. Not much I can do about that. Sorry.

02/12/2022, 21:17

Wintle wins with WordlePress It was going to happen sooner or later, right? As podcaster Joe Casabona tweeted back in January, "How long until we see WordlePress?" If you were a part of the Wordle craze earlier this year, check out WordlePress. Delicious Brains developer Ross Wintle's new creation integrates the fun of the original game while challenging your knowledge of core WordPress PHP functions. "Cripes. WordlePress took 101 guesses today. Was kinda fun once I got the first three words though. A few amusing suggestions for the final word got me giggling. Am I a WordlePress bore yet? Sorry. (Not sorry), Wintle tweeted Thursday after a particularly tough round.

This is such a funny write up of WordlePress in The Repository 😂. Thank you. I don’t think I’ve ever been the subject of a cheesy news headline before. Amazing work.

Go play!! And don’t be afraid to give up – when you do you’ll get a link to the docs for a new WP function!

29/11/2022, 21:18

Oh gah! There’s a bug in Turbo Admin that nobody’s ever reported (until today) that stops it working on first install. Looks like an async race condition. Will fix ASAP.

If you ever came across this I’m sorry it failed at the first hurdle. Seems to be more common on Firefox.

29/11/2022, 08:00

I’ve had more practice than most, but I hearby declare that todays WordlePress puzzle is eminently guessable.

I got it in FOUR!!

28/11/2022, 22:44

Dangit. I’m gonna have to switch to Tailwind. Because that’s where all the ready-made components are. I guess it was inevitable. Oh well.

28/11/2022, 22:41

I feel all “Bah, humbug”, but what with the energy crisis and all, shouldn’t we all be reducing energy demand by, say, not turning on an enormous amount of flashy party lights for most of an entire month?