2023-09-30 21:41:46

🙄 I've been hanging out on other social medias today. There was ONE interesting post from… my kids secondary school!!! And one REALLY good interaction with someone that I know.

But mostly is was boring, aimless scrolling with occasional conspiracy theorists.

I get back onto Mastodon.

Two amazing, funny, interesting posts shared in the first few minutes.

I genuinely appreciate the good stuff on other socials, but gosh it's impossible to curate.

2023-09-30 21:37:44

Does the fact that wordpress.org now supports security keys and passkeys mean that this might actually be coming to the Two Factor plugin soon?


2023-09-29 17:26:50

If anyone listens to The Rest Is Politics… what funny/interesting things are frequently said or frequently happen on the show?

I need a decent list.

I may or may not be making a “Bingo” game to play while listening! 😉

2023-09-26 23:00:25

Wow. Tech friends…

Setting up your parents’ Smart
Energy Tariffs and configuring their solar inverter is the new “making your parents printer work”.

Only it’s about 15 times harder.

Awful experience.

2023-09-25 18:37:50

I don’t know what to say about this other than this is a podcast where a person interviews ChatGPT (v4) about AI.

It’s fascinating in both direct and “meta” ways. Worth a listen, if only to hear what ChatGPT thinks about itself.

A note/content warning: this podcast is about … hmm … let’s call it “spirituality” but “faith”, “church” and “Christianity” may all apply. Some may think it heretical.

I present it neutrally as “a fascinating thing”.

Interview starts at 19:13


2023-09-25 07:59:39

Apple Watch users… how do I:

– Have a morning alarm
– That sounds (audible) on my watch
– While wearing my watch while sleeping
– But in silent mode (all other alerts are haptic)

I’m honestly so confused. About to buy a simple loud clock for my bedside!!

2023-09-23 08:31:39

I’d love to see more folks in the @wpwatercooler Discord because:

1. Slack just feels so much like _work_ doesn’t it?
2. They’re not trying to sell you anything or discuss their course or product. It’s not even sponsored.
3. I dunno. Just. Feels like where the geeks should be.

I’m too old for Discord. I can barely post a Gif. But I can chat. So…

Maybe see you there?


2023-09-22 08:49:24

A pile of swear words that describe how I’m feeling right now.

<Insert a list of your own favourites. You can well imagine how this week has gone.>

2023-09-20 17:02:39

UK Climate Policy. It’s so important and I’m so angry that it shouldn’t be content warning’ed, but I’m sticking with convention.

Wow. Rishi Sunak on full-on robot mode. This should be an issue that evokes so much passion and energy. But he here is droning with the zeal of a piece of toast.

Also: if you have to do THAT much pre-announcement explaining, then it has to be a bad thing and you know it.

Sad for my country.

2023-09-20 15:44:17

UK Climate Policy. It’s so important and I’m so angry that it shouldn’t be content warning’ed, but I’m sticking with convention.

Jacob Rees Mogg doing some complete word vomit on the radio.

“We don’t want people to be cold and poor”

No, actually, you really do. That’s pretty much been you policy for the last 13 years. Your take is that if people are cold/poor it’s their own fault for not having a job and not working hard enough.

Your quasi-Victorian give-a-shit-ometer is stuck on zero.

2023-09-19 23:20:01

Here’s one thought… friction… not in physics, but in work.

There is good friction that slows you down a bit but has purpose. Sometimes… but not always… you want more of this. Like locks on doors. Or code reviews.

And there is bad friction.

My best analogy for this is “sludge” in Tears of the Kingdom. It’s annoying. It’s random. It slows you down. And your quest is to eliminate it! (But to do so you must wade through lots of it). Like broken systems! Fix them!!