30/12/2017, 13:26

2) Say “no” more…somehow.
3) Automate more
4) Tick off small admin jobs more quickly/often
5) Reduce notifications
6) Have SPECIFIC times for learning/reading/side projects

30/12/2017, 13:24

Thinking about my plans for 2018. I’ve never really done Inbox Zero. But think I might now have the tools needed to do it. So 1) Aim for Inbox Zero

19/12/2017, 08:21

Weird but good side-effect of deleting the iOS Facebook app in response to this week’s Laracasts Snippet podcast: vastly improved battery life on my phone!

03/12/2017, 12:28

Here is the challenge of sustainability.

“Love Food – Hate Waste”
“Film – Plastic – Not currently recycled”

A single campaign in isolation is not enough. We need to understand the tradeoffs.