31/01/2018, 22:33

This evening I did the washing up while listening to podcasts at 1.5x speed.

Can someone find a way for me do the opposite: wash up at 1.5x speed while listening to podcasts?

31/01/2018, 13:51

Front end dev tooling is a MESS!

Bower is not really a thing any more, so Bootstrap 4 has removed it as a means of distribution. So if you update a framework that used Bower to include Bootstrap 4-beta to use Bootstrap 4.0.0 instead it all breaks!

Thanks everyone!!

31/01/2018, 13:51

Yesterday was my 10th Twitter Birthday! Ten years I’ve been on that thing. Yes, it has its bad bits, but it’s been a source of learning, friendship, opportunity, fun and, occasionally news.

15/01/2018, 11:05

Great thing about having an actual blog: posts from ten years ago still turn up in long-tail search results and get commented on. It’s amazing!

14/01/2018, 20:51

I should add that I was very grateful to have my kids babysat so we could have some time out at the flicks. It was fun and very enjoyable and relaxing!

14/01/2018, 20:51

Not been to the cinema for a while. Gosh, it’s just one long series of dark patterns designed to make you spend money on anything but watching a film. Surprised the toilets were free tbh.

14/01/2018, 20:51

Product idea: an app that crowdsources the ACTUAL start time of movies at the cinema.

(Business model: cinemas pay you to not publish the times for THEIR cinema)

14/01/2018, 20:50

I have seen “The Last Jedi”. I think, overall, it was a bit too random. Or maybe there was a ton of stuff that I just didn’t get.

13/01/2018, 18:51

As Facebook lowers reach of un-paid page posts, Facebook actually becomes LESS relevant for me. Seriously wouldn’t miss it right now. Enjoying the micro.blog and blogging community again.

10/01/2018, 23:03

Oh, and RESULT! Today I modified a webpack config, and I actually almost knew what I was doing! And I made it do something useful! ???

05/01/2018, 09:52

There’s really not much else you can do. Clever people are working to fix this. You’ll need to trust the experts and just run the updates when they come out!

05/01/2018, 09:52

So until you buy your next “car”, there’s not much you can do to fix the source of the problem. The usual good-security rules apply:
– Keep software/apps up to date
– Don’t install apps/programs from places you don’t trust
– Avoid dodgy websites
– careful what you click in emails

05/01/2018, 09:52

I’m resident tech person for many, so…about these processor issues you’re seeing in the news: These are issues with your “hardware”. It’s like having a design flaw in the engine of your car that causes it to leak oil. The real fix is to buy a new car (or replace the engine).