2022-12-31 16:18:58

The update also fixes an issue that was causing Turbo Admin's front-end mode to fail in some cases.

The browser extension can now search make.wordpress.org sites for articles (I think this is better than either of the existing search options on the site!)

2022-12-31 16:16:50

Right. Turbo Admin users: Sorry about the verbose log-dumping. Version 1.12.1 should be rolling out in the next day or two. This includes some stability fixes as well as debug mode.

I still write log messages to the console in some cases where it's useful to know what has failed.

2022-12-31 11:59:00

Working on some WordPress plugins that I haven't updated for, like, 4 years. They still work perfectly. I suspect they will still work perfectly in another 4 years with very little change.

Would this be the same if I they were primarily JavaScript? Would a block that I wrote 2 or 3 years still ago still work today? Would it be easy to update?

It doesn't FEEL like it. I wonder what the reality is?

2022-12-30 22:06:20

You have spoken… and I have heard. And I own up:

✋ My name is Ross and I am a lazy developer
✋ I need to do lots of debugging in Turbo Admin because, frankly, making it work as a browser extension requires me to do some pretty weird stuff
✋ And yes, I left the console.logs in. I don't know why. Perhaps I though you might find them interesting.
😬 But you have found them annoying. And that is perfectly fair.
🧑‍🏭 I shall work now on making a debug mode.

2022-12-30 14:38:50

Yes! I actually got it today!! It’s properly gettable. (IMO)

Hooray! I solved today's in 15 guesses! 🎉🎉🎉

⬜️🟩⬜️⬜️ x 2
🟩🟩🟩⬜️ x 10

Test your dev knowledge at wordlepress.com/

2022-12-30 12:09:56

Ability to sync bookmarks and microblogs is a step towards where I want to be with my online presence. Really enjoying hacking on this stuff.

2022-12-30 11:55:43

I've pretty much given up on instant coffee now. Took a long time but I'm pretty much exclusively black filter now.

Not sure what this says about me!

2022-12-30 10:41:53

I feel like such a nerd.

I LOVED raindrop.io when I tried it yesterday. So I made a copy of my sync-pinboard plugin that works for Raindrop.


And I also made a copy that will sync Mastodon posts from an RSS feed into a WordPress custom post type.


Neither of these will end up on the repo. But feel free to use, fork, etc.

All part of making my own "digital garden"!

29/12/2022, 19:27

OK. I’ve used Arc Browser for a little bit today and I’m almost totally sold.

I still care and am annoyed that they want my email address to use the thing. But this is an excellent product.

29/12/2022, 11:33

This @chriscoyier@front-end.social note on Karl Sutt’s post about writing is great (as is the original, of course).


But I’ve been criticised for being too verbose. So now I try to offer both the low + high resolution writing, and make the high res optional for the reader.

In Slack this can be like:

“I fixed the issue with the API – details in the thread if you need them”

Because some folks just need to know it’s fixed!

28/12/2022, 23:22

Somewhat inspired by @aurooba today to try and do a quick 5-minute creative thing each day.

I really want to get back to making short video, but outside of work I’m not really set up for it and have kids around a lot of the time.

I could write, but, meh. That actually takes LONGER.

Ideas? Thoughts?

28/12/2022, 08:10

A quick update on new productivity apps I’m reviewing right now.

Readwise Reader: Just too complicated. Too much UI. Needs to get out of the way and let me read. Doesn’t seem to refresh feeds very often. Probably won’t be replacing Feedbin any time soon.

Obsidian: VERY intriguing. Seems to be what Bear Notes should have evolved into. Nice that it’s data storage is plain MD files. Good hacker community around it. Will keep trying

28/12/2022, 07:49

So I gave up on tracking weight and food because when winter came I gave in to my body’s carb cravings. But I’m getting back on the wagon. Was 80.3kg at the start. Got as low as 75.7kg and am now back up at 78.2. Slow and steady is the goal. Let’s get back below 76 for springtime and see if we can hold there!