31/12/2018, 10:09

Trying to write with the new WordPress block editor again. MAN it’s frustrating.

Also, I realise I’ve posted a bunch of things with the default category. Having categories, tags, and excerpt boxes collapsed has meant I’ve forgot to set them before publishing. Argh!

28/12/2018, 22:54

Seeing if I can remove dependency on Google a little. Tried to find a place on Apple Maps. Found it. Opening times good. Location good. Give me directions…

…sends me off in the opposite direction to a totally different place.

Apple Maps is still rubbish then?

28/12/2018, 22:29

Huh. So you change your avatar thinking you’ll need to update it in a zillion places. And then you realise the reach of the Gravatar system!! Wow!

21/12/2018, 09:49

I just had a haircut. And for the first time I actually think I’m properly grey. And in the mirror…I look proper old! 👨🏻‍🦳🙁

21/12/2018, 09:49

At this point I have pretty much no idea how Facebook works. It seems to be wholly unreliable as a meaningful and trustworthy form of communication.

I’ve deleted the apps again.

18/12/2018, 23:28

A closing piece of wisdom for the day: everyone is on their own path. Everyone. Don’t look around and see others on their paths and wish it was your path. Because you aren’t them. You are you. Uniquely, invaluably, brilliantly you. Follow YOUR path.

15/12/2018, 15:26

7yo: But…I’ll lose my place!
Me: Hmm. If only there were some kind of device someone had invented that you could use to remember where you were in my book
7yo: I know!


15/12/2018, 13:25

In shouldn’t be. But I’m joyfully flabbergasted. I’m sure this is the first time ever that not only has a support person actually read and answered EXACTLY the question I asked but they actually repeated my question back to me before answering it.

This is so simple. Why so hard?