16/02/2018, 20:24

This was nice to realise. Had my free NHS health check today (he shows his age!)…

“Do you do any exercise?”

“Well, not really. But I cycle to work as often as I can, so I guess that works out as 40 mins every 2 or 3 days on average.”


16/02/2018, 20:24

I’ve just realised that while “normal” means “the usual thing”, it’s also used in geometry to define a thing that is perpendicular to the original.

So it means both “the usual thing” AND “a thing going in a totally different direction”.


16/02/2018, 20:23


I keep doing:

$str1 + $str2

to concatenate in PHP.

Does this mean I’m a JavaScript developer now?!


16/02/2018, 20:23

Does anyone else, when writing CSS, want to use a variant of BEM that works out as BME? Is that allowed?

e.g. can I have: search-form–inline__input ?

16/02/2018, 20:22

Is it just me that hates buying stuff with the Stripe JS modal box thingy? I’ve no idea where my data is being sent. What’s my protection here?

16/02/2018, 20:21

Observation: cafe’s that make mediocre coffee talk a LOT about how great their coffee is.

Cafe’s that sell awesome coffee say nothing about their coffee.

16/02/2018, 20:21

Super interesting discussion with a friend about our first forays into TDD (Test Driven Development). How useful are basic tests? Should you test framework functionality? How can you get better feedback from HTTP tests? How do you “discover” functionality of the test framework?

16/02/2018, 20:19

Business idea: after-school/holiday clubs for introverted kids. Books. Lego. Video games. Puzzles. Board games. Individual treasure hunts. No group activities. NO SHOUTING!!!!

16/02/2018, 20:19

Finally watching the news from America. I am SO cross. How can Trump stand up and say “your pain is our pain…we’ll do anything we can do” and NOT crack down on guns. As the senator said: people die – children die – because of their inaction.

16/02/2018, 20:15

Is it bad that, even though I’m a geeky coder type, I find blockchain and crypto-currency unfathomably boring and have taken very little interest in it?

I feel like I hear more about it from marketers than from real tech people.

It’s nothing more than buzzwords to me right now.

01/02/2018, 08:19

Tempted to start a parody Twitter account named “The Mindful Parent”. Example:

“Mindful Tip: By naming your distractions — and the root cause of them — you can catch yourself and return your attention to…HENRY!!! CLIMB OUT FROM BEHIND THE SOFA PLEASE!!!!”