2023-07-31 07:53:25

I mean. I’ve been doing what I can for a really long time. I really care. I make big sacrifices and spend extra money doing the right thing. But in the face of SO much don’t-give-a-crappery and blatant disregard. I’ve been pissing in the wind … in a hurricane!

I should have been living cheap and free like the vast majority.

My enduring, polite, gentle action has done nothing.

Change from the top is needed.

How do we get that?

2023-07-31 07:45:41

🌍 I’m honestly reaching the point with the climate crisis where some kind of protest or direct action on government and corporations is on my list.

2023-07-29 22:14:28

EV bore

Well we have finally done the long-ish (130 mile) journey that we hope to do semi-often with family and luggage in the electric car.

Verdict: absolutely brilliant.

Sure, we’ve only owned the car for about 7 weeks. But it has exceeded expectations in every way.

350+ miles. Lots of highway and hilly rural. We’re consistently getting more than the advertised 190 miles range even with A/C on. Still averaging 5 m/kWh.

Charging is easy.

Driving is easy.

I’m a convert.

2023-07-28 22:41:14

😵‍💫 I actually did a product search off the back of an ad today.

I’m never impressed by ads.

They finally got me.

(But I don’t think they know they did?)

2023-07-26 09:06:14

EV Bore

Took the EV on another longer (non urban, mainly highway) drive yesterday. With passengers.

100 miles used 50% of the battery. With A/C on most of the way too.

Amazed that we still get 5+ miles per kWh even on a journey like that.

SO happy with our Ioniq. It’s ultra efficient and fast to charge. Definitely a good choice.

I hate that I like a car so much. 😂

2023-07-23 09:42:36

You are probably wondering which direction that rain is moving in? And the answer is… err… well… none of them?

2023-07-23 09:39:30

Oh gosh. The weather gods are teasing us.

For those that aren’t following, the historic “Ashes” cricket grudge-match series between England and Australia is taking place.

Australia are the holders and are leading the series 2-1. If it’s a series draw they keep the “trophy”.

England have played a stunning fourth match. It’s the fifth and final day. And if the rain holds off long enough to play we are likely to win to level the series.

The match is played in Manchester. Here is the rain radar:

2023-07-23 08:42:44

After a period of not really having the time, energy or inspiration, I'm finally back in a hacking mindset and have a project in my head.

This is good.

But, Laravel, it's been too long… 😢

2023-07-22 11:52:07

And just to be clear, this is a completely regular WP install. Here's an edit of the Twenty Twenty Three theme.json file…

I see no reason this can't be made really simple to use for local, throwaway WP testing with no dependencies.

2023-07-22 10:02:15

When I first saw wp-now:


I wondered: why does this need npm and JS and WASM? Why hasn't anyone done this with static PHP binaries and some scripts?

So… while this currently requires some things to be pre-installed, I've done most the same thing (including using sqlite) with a simple bash script.

It's not (yet) as sophisticated. And perhaps there are still reasons not to do it. But let's see where it goes.

2023-07-20 08:37:49

Kerbal Space Program screen grab - a ridiculous rocket overloaded with solid fuel boosters that wobbles around, crashes spectacularly, and gets all flamey

My latest venture into “proper gaming” is Kerbal Space Program. It was, like, £8 on Steam.

I mentioned it to my son after he'd seen me play it a bit.

"Looks really slow and boring, dad”

Cue building ridiculous rockets overloaded with solid fuel boosters that wobble around, crash spectacularly, and get all flamey when they go too fast.

An hour of hilarity later…

Boring, huh? 😂

2023-07-18 20:46:08

😵‍💫 I don’t get why tech people find Mastodon hard.

They understand choosing servers/instances.

They understand the privacy issues of closed corporate-controlled networks.

They’re often proponents of open source.

They usually hate ads.

They like APIs and feeds and nerd stuff.

Confuses me greatly.

2023-07-17 10:58:16

npm question:

Are devDependencies transitive?

If I have Babel as a devDependency, do I get Babel’s devDependencies installed in my dev environment?

Or does npm only include MY devDependencies?

(Thinking out loud. I will try to find this out myself)