2023-07-05 18:52:41

I guess I always thought that posting on my blog was keeping my content out of the social companies. But are they just seeing it all anyway and attributing it to me?

2023-07-05 18:50:57

I’m trying not to talk about the Threads app, but if it’s federated does that mean Meta will scrape my Mastodon content and use it in my social/ad profile?

And is this something new? Are Meta/Twitter doing this already?

Do they need permission? Do they have it already?

2023-07-05 16:32:45

I'm at that point of being not-very-well where I can do things sat down, with my brain, but the moment I try to, say, walk somewhere, I'm exhausted.

Also… can people stop talking to me please? Especially the small people who have SO many words.

2023-07-04 20:36:27

Why are people – governments mostly, but corporations and individuals too – not looking at the climate, utterly freaking out, and making big, serious, fast decisions? Who is leading?!

World's hottest day since records began https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environ

2023-07-03 18:58:54

OK. Beta 3 of 6.3 is out. It's fixed the command palette styles.

My opinion: They shouldn't release the command palette in this form. It's too early. It's REALLY inconsistent. People will be put off the whole idea.

Put it back in the plugin until it's ready.

2023-07-02 18:00:51

I updated the final paragraphs of this as it wasn't very clear. Turns out I *was* having a bad day and was being a bit too clever in my writing.

I love learning new things. But it really helps if I find them compelling, or their use is properly justified.

2023-07-02 15:16:27

I have a website you can visit as many times as you like.

You can even get a feed that you can put in an RSS reader (I like Feedbin) with other peoples website feeds.

And you can check your feeds as often as you like.


2023-07-02 12:07:49

Am I having a bad day?

Will I regret writing this?

Does it add anything to the converstion?

I don't know. But I feel compelled to write it.

"The web used to be fun and simple and easy to get stuff done with. Now it's discovering that someone who doesn't know what they were doing used a div instead of a button and fixing it involves half a day of poking around files that make no sense and fixing a broken build process.”

I'm tired of web dev!


2023-07-01 13:06:35

Me: Can add the cricket for a month to my TV package?

TV people: You’ll need to sign up to a premium TV package and then add the cricket on. It will cost you 10 times what you are currently paying for TV if you sign up for a 12 month contract.