31/08/2018, 20:48

The #Gutenberg update seems to be presented as “advanced” users wanting a simpler interface, with the implication that less advanced users want a more complex interface? I really don’t understand the logic.

28/08/2018, 22:17

I pray the mundanity of things like my last post are enough to distract you from the overwhelming sense of fear, dread and hopelessness that the fast-approaching freight train of current affairs leaves you feeling.

You are welcome! 😃

28/08/2018, 08:08

#sourdough My starter definitely survived in the fridge while we holidayed. But this does not seem to have risen much overnight. Hmm. Left it to prove a bit this morning. Could be a bit of a brick.

28/08/2018, 08:05

Breaking news: 2.5 year old has developed strong opinions about whether or not she wants to go to nursery. 😱

Also: has anyone seen my 6yo’s scooter?!

28/08/2018, 06:49

I hate the name “Daily Greatness”, but going to ty to start using this again. I don’t use the business parts of it much. But I like the weekly/daily planning and time-blocking and creative/motivational aspects.

27/08/2018, 18:52

It seems that MailChimp’s own forms are the only way to set their GDPR consent on a new user. Is this right? Or can I pass it in using the API?