28/03/2019, 15:53

Navigating the streets with my girl on her bike always brings out smiles. This article with lots of girls on bikes made ME smile! Love it.

“Let’s show more girls riding bikes – then perhaps more girls will ride bikes. Here’s a few to start with….”


25/03/2019, 21:28

Oh my goodness I’m such a hippy. I’m making sourdough. I’ve just made humous from scratch. And my next move might be yoga. Do I win some kind of prize?

14/03/2019, 22:32

You know, this week has left me really jaded about the web design/development industry. I don’t know who can be trusted any more. I daren’t interact or discuss. I’m questioning even my own motives. And I’m really sad and confused. 😕

But we get past it and carry on.

14/03/2019, 22:29

Been meaning to add a little “Maker Log” to my blog to record some of what I’m up to:

* Add a WordPress post type
* Add a custom widget
* Make a WP-CLI remote command to post to it from the command line


All at https://rosswintle.uk

10/03/2019, 18:33

Product idea: a plate with a cover that’s connected to a sensor in a cushion you put on a chair. The cover only opens when it detects the presence of a child sitting fully on the chair. You HAVE to sit on the chair to be able to eat the food!

Now someone please make this. Ta!

04/03/2019, 21:56

I still have a large bunch of content updates to do, but I wanted to get this out. There. It’s done! *phew*

04/03/2019, 21:53

BREAKING! (probably literally): I had this crazy idea for re-making my personal website/blog. I’m still not sure if it’s a great idea, or a terrible one. But go have a play anyway and let me know what you think. Still a work in progress, somewhat.


02/03/2019, 18:48

I also had the “Aha!” moment of discovering the Statamic “Stashe” (the index of content that it builds). Suddenly lots of things make sense.

Also: my laptop goes pretty crazy when rebuilding the “Stashe”!! 🔥🔥🔥

Also: Love that I can version control all my content changes. 🙌

02/03/2019, 18:47

In other news, in my “spare” time I’m continuing to play with Statamic. Have exported all my blog content from WordPress (~630 posts) and imported to a test Statamic install. Mostly easy, but the export missed out post tags…I think?

02/03/2019, 18:47

Just realised I can run business-critical Slack workspaces inside Wavebox (alongside my Gmail and other stuff) and “community” Slack workspaces in the Slack app. Thus letting me “kill” community work spaces all at once.


02/03/2019, 18:04

Having a bit of a digital spring-clean too.

– Deleted Medium account – one whack-a-mole I’m bored of and don’t need now
– Deleted Quora account – same reasons
– Removed myself from several noisy Facebook groups

02/03/2019, 17:51

If, like for me, today was your let’s-start-spring-cleaning day, let me know you stats.

Mine are:

– Rooms cleaned: 0.3
– % Time spent placating bored children: 92%
– Random, un-planned DIY jobs achieved: 1
– Marie Kondo score: 1/10
– Lego pieces hoovered: 0 (!!)