31/05/2018, 21:06

3) “Noisy” children’s character toys and play sets: some kids programmes (Octonauts, Go Jetters, Hey Duggee) have pop-culture references or things that adults find funny. Why are the toys totally devoid of all wit? Toys should be funny too. Especially noisy ones.

31/05/2018, 21:06

2) Crutches, which my wife is using. Why, after all the years of medical innovation, do NHS crutches not have flat, rubbery bits on the arm hoops so you can prop them up against a wall without them falling over?!?!

31/05/2018, 21:05

I have decided that a few common objects need some design modifications.

1) My fridge. It needs a “butter drawer/box” that stops butter melting into a sloppy mess but without making it so hard that it doesn’t spread.

28/05/2018, 21:31

I actually went and put a notice on a website to say that I DO NOT use cookies or collect any personal data.


28/05/2018, 20:38

I also implemented MUCH better error handling, which means I’m not constantly polling for petitions that have been archived and (ridiculously) send me redirects to HTML pages when I asked for JSON!

28/05/2018, 20:37

And if you’re into geeky details, I upgraded from Laravel 5.2 to 5.6 and moved from queued jobs to scheduled tasks. This means that all open petitions are updated at once, rather than staggered through the 5-minute periods. Let’s hope the JSON API isn’t rate limited.

28/05/2018, 20:37

I still want to properly fix the charts in the Petition Tracker. This will hopefully come. They’re really not as good as I’d like them. Chart.js has defeated me.

27/05/2018, 21:12

I guess my websites will be in a minority if I set no cookies whatsoever – which I’m hoping they will soon (some already do).

I feel like I should display a pop-up notice proudly announcing the fact!

27/05/2018, 21:04

Just because I LOVE Sunday night so much, I’m doing a proper write up of the conversation I keep having about analytics cookies laying out my current interpretation of what you need to do.

I know how exciting this is.

Watch this space…

…or some paint dry.


27/05/2018, 12:07

Can anyone explain the biological imperative/evolutionary advantage of small children having “I’M NOT TIRED!!!!” tantrums when they clearly are very much so?

27/05/2018, 11:10

I know Swindon has a bad reputation, but seriously, even the bad weather avoids us!! We’ve had a tiny bit of rain, but mostly it’s skirted right round us! #weather

26/05/2018, 18:46

I keep meaning to give Lidl kudos for this. So many nappy brands only show women. Aldi’s entire baby range is called “Mamia” for heaven’s sake. I applaud Lidl’s branding. 👏🙌

26/05/2018, 18:17

Dear world, please forgive my transgressions into rampant kiddie-commercialisation/consumerism and pester-power. My wife is out of action and half term is coming. These things bring temporary relief. Thanks for understanding.