2023-05-30 23:23:09

I broke the Turbo Admin plugin for Firefox users! Eeek!

I just released a tiny update to fix this. v1.13.3

Sorry about that, and thanks to those that reported it.

(I should emphasise that this was a plugin-only breakage. It did not apply to the browser extension version.)

2023-05-30 10:24:11

Must. Stop. Analyzing. Every. Website. That. I. Visit.

Today: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE respect reduced motion. And don't use accessibility overlays. And don't autoplay full-screen video. And done, like, animate in EVERY element on the page. PLEASE?

2023-05-27 23:17:45

I’m increasingly convinced that in the near future we are going to be forced into buying a new car.

And I’ve been thinking about what sort of car (petrol/hybrid/elec) for about two years and I STILL don’t know what to do.

2023-05-27 23:09:16

It’s ’s 20th Birthday.

I’m struggling for energy today, so I’m not sure what to say. But this software has been such a huge part of my life, and I’m SO grateful for it.

From switching my blog to it in December 2008 (v2.7) to trying to get it used at work in the years after that, to freelancing as a WordPress developer and then building products with it.

I’m not a fanboi, but I can’t deny it’s utility and impact.

Thank you, WordPress and all who make it!

2023-05-26 09:09:24

I love it when people buy my side project product and I have NO idea where they came from and how they found out about it.

A wonderful feeling of mystery.

If it was you: thank you!

2023-05-25 18:24:46

On the one hand, I feel like a total luddite with all this “AI” stuff.

On the other hand, I feel like I've so quickly absorbed the extent of the technology's application that it's become normal and boring.

There is lots of hype, but very little actually revolutionary stuff happening now. It's all just making more words and images in different contexts.

Don't get me wrong, the making words and images is very clever. Sometimes. But the applications of it are not exciting me.

2023-05-23 21:58:11

I just did 2 hours (!!) of tennis lessons and I feel GREAT!!

But I can already sense that I’ll be very broken tomorrow. 😬

2023-05-23 07:55:14

I’ve only just realised that:
– There is a popular WordPress SEO plugin called “Rank Math”
– “Rank” is a slang term for “smelly” or “putrid” or “disgusting”
– Many school children (and, indeed, adults) would very much agree with this name!


2023-05-22 14:01:57

I’m curious… if a person uses a right-to-left written language, like Arabic, do they do other thing RTL too, like horizontal chart axes or Gantt charts?

2023-05-16 11:17:07

My tolerance for over-complicated code and infrastructure right now is SO low.

If you’re on the receiving end of this: I apologise.

But also: AAAAARRRGGHHH!!!!!

2023-05-14 22:09:43

I'm spending more time winding down my own freelance biz tonight and trying to close some final hosting accounts.

I have ONE more sodding domain with <crappy host> that I can’t wait to say goodbye to.

I'm down to 8 cPanel accounts in my reseller.

I was SUPER helpful to a bunch of people who really needed help with unnecessarily complicated technical crap for a while. But Oh My Life am I done with hosting stuff for other people!!!

2023-05-14 22:06:59

Idea: We should connect ChatGPT to DNS so that we can actually let everyday people manage their domains without descending into … well … DNS?

(No, we shouldn't. Or should we?)

2023-05-11 09:01:46

Here’s a news story about how the UK is struggling to connect enough renewable energy to its grid:


And here’s one about how small incentives have been proven to dramatically reduce energy usage and change patterns of behaviour:


I…? Could…? Maybe…? 🤔

2023-05-11 08:37:54

Ted Lasso S3 E9 spoiler

Reflecting a lot as I take a beautiful morning walk. Thinking about last night’s Ted Lasso and how we all need a boss or partner like Roy Kent at the press conference.

“They’re not just footballers, they’re also people. And none of us know what’s going on in each other’s lives.

So for <person> to do what he did today. Even though it was wrong. I give him love.

And as for why he did what he did?

That’s none of my fucking business.”