29/03/2018, 06:39

Think I might set up some alternative business awards celebrating businesses that stayed small and kept doing the same thing really well for many years. Growth isn’t the only measure of success!

27/03/2018, 09:38

So I woke at 6:15, took furniture down, moved it all around, pulled up carpet and hoovered. Carpet fitter (due “between 8 and 12”) is not here yet. I REALLY hope I didn’t get the wrong day. 😕

20/03/2018, 10:36

I can’t work out if my current feeling of despair and exhaustion is caused by the cracks in the tech industry around me, or by my kids waking up 1/2 hour earlier than normal.

20/03/2018, 10:35

Questions: (How) Can we get all the small local organisations and businesses that I want to follow off of Social Media but still online. Would doing this make a difference? How would it be discoverable? How could non-tech folk easily aggregate from other sources?

20/03/2018, 10:33

I want to just retreat from all social media to my blog and the indie web. Can I show people how to use simple websites and feeds again?

But if I did…wouldn’t “marketing” just infiltrate this system instead?

17/03/2018, 23:32

Two very frustrating things.

1) My son’s inability to turn his brain off and just go to bed!!!

2) My own inability to turn my brain off and just go to bed!!!

16/03/2018, 11:42

I wish application update prompts would happen when you CLOSE or navigate away from the application (and therefore have finished using it and don’t mind a delay), rather than when you OPEN or switch to the application and just want to get on with using it.

15/03/2018, 22:17

Random: Who’s got ideas for stupid, one-line status pages like this? Must be of the form “Has ….. yet?”

15/03/2018, 22:16

SOOOO good to be back on the bike again. A night-time 10.5 miles around the edge of Swindon. Not hilly. This was cardio.

11/03/2018, 21:42

In a slightly bizarre and genius turn of events, my 6yo son’s primary cultural obsession seems to have switched from Star Wars to Calvin and Hobbes. Light Sabres and X-Wings have been replaced by cardboard-box Transmogrifiers/Duplicators, a small toy tiger, and the cheekiest boy!