21/04/2019, 20:57

Personal thing, but the normalisation of casual swearing amongst otherwise-professional people in public is really starting to bother me. I know you want to bring “yourself”, but really, can it not be held back in a professional context or with a potential family audience? πŸ€”

21/04/2019, 20:56

It also:
– Uses the official Pinboard API (there’s a settings screen for your API key)
– Obeys the API’s rate limits
– Allows you to choose an author for synced pins
– Syncs updated pins from Pinboard (I think!) but does not remove deleted pins

21/04/2019, 20:53

Weekend/holiday hacking: I’ve further developed my Pinboard Sync WordPress plugin. Anyone interested in having this in the WP repo? It:
– Copies Pinboard pins to a WordPress post type
– Includes tags in a custom taxonomy
– Will run through WP Cron and/or a WP-CLI command

05/04/2019, 18:47

Despite being a super tech geek, I think this is the first trip I’ve made where I trust the tech enough to be pretty much working on digital tickets and cashless. It’s weird. My phone now does EVERYTHING!

01/04/2019, 10:37

Loads of people complaining about April Fools day this year. I actually LIKE April Fools Day. I like spotting them. I like being fooled by them…a bit. I LOVE the creativity. And given the state of the world, I think we need a lot more playfulness and fun.