21/04/2018, 20:25

In a stroke of never-seen-before-and-never-to-be-repeated practical creativity, a few days ago I made a basketball hoop out of a plant pot, some lying-around wood and some cable ties. My boy is super happy!

21/04/2018, 20:09

Thing I hadn’t catered for in my planning for GDPR: time required to read, understand and accept everyone else’s new terms and policies!

21/04/2018, 20:02

This approaching/about to narrowly miss is storm is impressive. Image doesn’t really show, but left is all darkness and lightning, right is clear and still almost blue.

13/04/2018, 17:33

The “safety CD” says you must wear the seat belt – it’s the law!

No one puts a seat belt on.

What should I do?!

13/04/2018, 17:31

My reserved seat (reduced anxiety for £2 is good value, OK!) was actually taken. Wasn’t sure what to do there, but I’ve claimed two seats across the aisle and no one seems to mind. Yet.

13/04/2018, 17:28

I get pretty anxious about travel. So this will be interesting. Especially as I don’t know the etiquette or practicalities.

There’s a loo…which is awesome. I hope it works. And it’s pretty quiet tonight so people have spread themselves out a bit!

13/04/2018, 17:26

So, as someone who pretty much always uses the train, today I’m on a coach. It was easy to book. Super cheap and the pre-flight info to prep me was awesome.

10/04/2018, 17:55

Itching to tinker with some React or Vue. I never really got into components, so just need to build something!!! Maybe this is the next step for Kownter analytics?

10/04/2018, 17:54

Bloody love this: people that run or work for companies that -theoretically at least – are my competitors help me find answers to my tech problems. This is why I left my corporate job years ago. To be part of a community of tech people who do useful stuff & help others out ❤️

08/04/2018, 21:53

Back from a delightful little holiday. Lyme Regis was lots of fun. Not the worst view from a holiday apartment ever…