29/09/2018, 16:48

School homework task: “Write a silly story using 10 of your Year 1 common exception words”

Just 10? This is harder than it seems.

How about:

“They once said ‘come here’. Today my house is full!”


27/09/2018, 13:14

People: Do you like the new MailChimp re-design?

Me: I’m the kind of person that looks for clothes with re-inforced knees, sturdy pocket linings and that are non-iron and machine-washable at 30. It still has lists and campaigns. It still sends emails. So it’s all good. 😉

26/09/2018, 22:04

Yay! I did it!

✅ At least 1 kid all day
✅ Both school runs
✅ Little one napped (eventually)
✅ Swim class at 4pm
✅ Everyone fed evening meals
✅ Solo double bedtime (!!!)

I know this is a normal day for many people. But it’s a personal triumph for me as an individual!

25/09/2018, 15:28

I wonder what happens if two people with Gmail just keep using the suggested responses. Would the conversation actually go anywhere?

21/09/2018, 08:13

But then I’m the guy that has this crazy idea that congestion is caused by a combination of finite road network capacity and too many vehicles.


21/09/2018, 08:12

I find it bizarre that the council ask the public what they think of solutions to traffic congestion. We don’t have survey data. We don’t have modelling software. I assume the traffic planners do? Can’t we make expensive decisions based on data rather than guesswork and opinion?

20/09/2018, 06:52

Well this was better. Rice flour really did help my issue of the dough getting stuck to the proving basket. Plus I used a less-dampntabke when shaping. Now need to work on the rise a bit! #sourdough

17/09/2018, 11:04

Step 1 of “never getting involved in school communications” complete. You’ll hardly notice. In fact…I desperately hope that no one notices. Because that’s the point. 😃

16/09/2018, 13:26

(Yesterday, actually…cross-posting now)

✅ 90 x Beat the Street points
✅ 2 x repaired inner tubes
✅ 1 x white sourdough loaf (currently proving)
✅ 0.25 x boarded-out and better (?) insulated lofts



14/09/2018, 14:20

Wondering if there’s a standard way to validate a UK town name.

Remembering the existence of “Westward Ho!” with the official apostrophe.

Wondering if any has yet named a town: