2023-06-30 19:26:34

Why did the cricket people have to use the term DRS?

I don’t know if I’m watching cricket or F1 these days! 😂

2023-06-29 23:42:20

Boring EV numbers

First longish drive in the Ioniq today. 70 miles. Mostly motorway with some hilly rural roads.

I SHOULD get 5 miles per kWh.

So that should be 14kWh

That’s about 36% of our battery.

I charged it up to 80% on Weds and it’s currently on 32%.

So that’s 12% unaccounted for = 4.7kWh = 23.5miles

I reckon we’ve done 18 other miles since I charged.

So the numbers are good to within about 5miles out of 90.

Pretty good!!

We should REALLY get up to 190miles from this thing!

2023-06-28 13:58:43

PSA: If you have Dependabot alerts for “semver” and Dependabot can’t patch them for you…

Before you get into a horrible JS dependency mess, WAIT A FEW DAYS!

It looks like a bunch of popular tools are locked to semver v5.x and v6.x, but they’ve only patched v7.5.x

Babel’s team will fork and back port the fix soon if the semver maintainers don’t.

2023-06-26 21:37:09

Hey news people and people writing press releases…

Can we stop referring to “algorithms” as AI?

I mean, I’ve written some clever code in my time that probably appears “intelligent”. But there’s a line. And “ability to quickly process lots of data” is clever, but it isn’t really over that line. And I think you know it.


2023-06-23 21:09:38

Boring thought from the pen of a new electric vehicle owner who’s now an EV bore 🙄

🚘 I feel less “guilty” driving an electric car. And it NICE to drive.

But… in some of my driving it, I’ve still been stuck in traffic.

And being stuck in traffic is awful. It’s complete dead time. It holds me up. It holds other people up. I can’t work or exercise.

Traffic is crap. And EVs don’t fix traffic.

2023-06-23 07:53:02

Electric vehicle charging thought…

Rapid charging should be cheaper.

It’s currently cheaper for me to plug in for 6 hours and slow charge.

The financial incentive for me is to stay longer (if I can afford the time) and clog up the network.

The incentive should be to charge quickly and move on.

(I’ve heard Tesla implement some kind of charger occupation fee when busy)

2023-06-21 12:29:00

What did I hear on a podcast today?

Something like:

“There are so many great abstractions in web development. React sits on top of TypeScript and TypeScript sits on top of JavaScript.

It’s so easy now to make a button that you click and something happens nowadays”

Yeah, right. It is. And you don’t need any of those abstractions to do it! It’s amazing!!

2023-06-20 23:18:53

😝 For those that know…

I really think “Wayfinder” is a bad idea.

We’re already trying to undo “Gutenberg”.

One issue is the precedent we set by not following convention.

Let’s call the dashboard “Widgetville” and the admin bar “Headspace” or something.

I’m being facetious. But…

2023-06-20 22:30:58

🤪 I think that from now on my signature social media post format will be the long-compound-adjective-with-lots-of-hyphens one.

2023-06-20 09:21:50

🙄 Reading a car recall notice (not for my car).

Good to know motor manufacturers have figured out that whole-car-dies-when-a-tiny-electrical-component-fails-thing since that dodgy Peugeot we bought 15 years ago!

2023-06-19 23:43:30

I hate that I’m spending so much time thinking about … A CAR!!

Really hope it’s temporary.

Please send pictures of nice bikes!!

2023-06-18 19:53:24

Someone had commented implying that my battery issue was an EV problem.

It wasn’t.

It was a vehicle electronics issue.

The same thing would have happened with the equivalent ICE or hybrid car.

The irony is that I had 20kWh of power in the car but was not able to use any of it to power the cars electronics!! 😂