2023-03-22 08:45:37

I'm also really on the fence about Bear Notes and Obsidian. Bear is great – I properly love it – but development of it seems really slow. v2 has been in the works for SO long and I don't even know what features it will have and how much it will cost.

In the meantime, the world seems to have switched to Obsidian. Which I feel like I can't properly embrace until I'm all in. But it's way more expensive.

Anyone have thoughts on this? Do I just go all in and accept the cost?

2023-03-22 08:39:45

I find myself wanting to look at my phone less, but while still being able to do things. Am actually, finally, considering an Apple watch (partly because some free money came my way). Even though in my head a watch that you need to charge daily is stupid.

Are they REALLY good? So many people seem to have and like them. Is the cost/benefit ratio actually really good?

Convince me…

2023-03-22 08:23:49

Ugh. Here I am complaining. But really, I hate it when customer support works like this:

"I found an issue in your software. It doesn’t work as expected. It deleted my data when it shouldn’t. I've looked in the place where the data should be. It's not there, and I can't find it anywhere else!”


“Please look in the place where the data should be? If it's not there you can restore it by doing this: <instructions>”.

Totally missing the point and ignoring information I've already given.

2023-03-18 10:11:07

A moment of self-awareness.

I’ve now tinkered with generative code AI APIs.

And I find myself in the position of thinking: “I’m not entirely happy with this technology existing, but I’ve played with it, and it’s really fun!”

Which is where most people started with crypto and NFT’s.


2023-03-18 08:56:09

Well, this AI stuff is pretty fun to play with.

How about proper "magic" methods in ?

These did NOT exist before I called them.

They are cached for repeat calls. The AI only generates them once.

2023-03-15 23:25:47

I was NEVER convinced about Web 3/Crypto. But this generative AI stuff isn’t gonna go away is it? I can’t see how this stops being present technology now.

2023-03-15 23:17:47

I bought a monochrome HP Laserjet I-don’t-know-how-many years ago. It’s reliable, cheap to run, clean, quiet and efficient.

If I want photos printed I’ll go to a photo print shop. If I want colour stationary printed I’ll go to a local print shop.

One of the best tech decisions I ever made!


2023-03-14 20:04:26

Here's how web browsing goes sometimes:

– Let's go change the date of those theatre tickets
– Need my password, open 1Password
– Hey, someone said that 1Password did something that I didn't think it did
– Open 1Password settings
– Oh, look, browsers have a built in interface for keyboard shortcuts for extensions. How does THAT work?
– Cool – works on both Chromium and Firefox and…
– Wait.. what was I doing?

2023-03-13 22:34:07

Are there, like, DIY courses for teenagers. Because I really want my kids to have more skills than I do with this stuff. 😬

2023-03-13 22:12:26

Ooooh! Just randomly chatting and came up with the super-retro-cool idea of a fax machine that receives via an email address that I can send selected email newsletters to and have them printed out when they arrive.


(They have, haven't they? Someone already did it?)