2024-07-14 09:19:18

I should also note that yes, while diagnosing this, my script did create a subdirectory of my current working directory called “~”.

And yes, I DID then try to delete that with the command:

“rm -rf ~”


(Backups are your friend)

2024-07-14 08:37:54

Weirdly I could not find a way to replicate shell-expansion of file paths (like “~/test1”) in PHP or Laravel.

Is this because it wouldn’t work cross-platform?

Ended up doing this, but it doesn’t seem ideal.

exec(“echo $filepath”, $output);
$fullpath = $output[0];

Context: I’m passing a CLI option like “path=~/test1”

2024-07-14 08:26:33

I’m aiming to get an update to Turbo Admin out soon.

Before I do that I wanted a quick way to spin up temporary local sites.

So I got some fixes done for my CLI tool that does exactly that!

Sadly, the name I wanted to use for this is now being used by another project. 😢

I’m also not really allowed to promote such a tool. But know that it exists!!

2024-07-12 09:00:02

I’m having FOMO for both WordCamp Canada and WordCamp Whitley Bay in the UK.

Need to get meeting my WordPress friends again soon!!!

2024-07-10 22:29:08

Sportsball/England Kickmen observations

It’s probably just some weird bias/perception thing, but in all these England football games, they’ve seemed fine when in possession, but I feel like every time there was a counter attack they just got sliced apart. Every counter has felt like a moment of peril.

Is that just me?

2024-07-10 19:48:50

So what did I learn in new job land today? More “How to use a mouse” tricks? Or “How not to create symlinks?”

No. I learned that, in the website programming language I’ve used for, like, 14 years, request or POST variables are only populated for requests with certain Content-Type’s.

If you POST an API request with JSON content to plain PHP, you won’t get ANYTHING in the $_POST superglobal.

How have I not found this before? Have I just been spoilt by frameworks?

2024-07-08 20:33:23

Best thing I learned in my first day of new job:

Shift-scrollwheel does horizontal scrolling.

On the one hand: How did I not know that?!

On the other hand: How was I supposed to know that?!


2024-07-07 12:44:30

“You could introduce a state-sponsored croissant to price into the market and then let competition encourage other vendors to sell at £1.10”

All sounds totally legit.


2024-07-07 07:50:22

I also was writing about myself the other week and coined the phrase “intellectually nerdy but not culturally nerdy”.

I think that fits me well. It might have to go in my bio at some point.

2024-07-07 07:49:05

I used to call myself a “recreational coder”. I enjoy coding. I had many side projects.

But the last few months I have been focussed on other, more physical projects!

With the physical work mostly complete, and my new job starting on Monday and requiring a real shift back to back-end development, I’m pining to get back into my recreational code.

What’s first? 😃

2024-07-06 10:17:04

This is the closest I’ve got.

– Encode a media input as audio only
– Save with a known filename
– Transcribe the saved file

But it doesn’t seem to transcribe the whole thing.

2024-07-06 10:06:55

I’ve been poking around with recording short audio.

I wanted an on-device transcription solution. MacOS and iOS have this built in. I can even access it with a Shortcut!

But how… HOW do I (or WHY CAN’T I) pass a selected input to this action?