24/09/2019, 19:54

It occurs to me that I now see WordPress (the software) the same way I see iOS and MacOS.

I don’t contribute.

I don’t install betas.

I don’t really give feedback.

It’s impenetrable (by me at least) software made by others.

This is kinda sad.

23/09/2019, 10:05

Somewhat philosophical: So much stuff in my life right now seems to be about choosing who we are and what we get to be. Maybe not all the time, but we all get to make decisions that affect what is next and how we get there.

13/09/2019, 16:54

I need to categorically say that I think my son’s school is ACE. I’m 180% happy with it. The staff are amazing. Any attempt to get involved in school comms is me genuinely and freely wanting to use my skills to improve things for all schools and parents.

With that in mind…

11/09/2019, 19:21

Pretty sure NatWest could save a significant %age of my £5 monthly business account fee by not sending me details of my £5 monthly account fee in the post. 😂

11/09/2019, 19:20

Worse than “the tech you use sucks” is the more personal “who the hell works with this tech?”

Because, for a large number of other people, the answer is “Well, actually, I do!”

And you just shunned them from your community by making them feel stupid.

11/09/2019, 19:20

Observation (of a minority of people):

JavaScript: PHP sucks
PHP: WordPress sucks
WordPress dev’s: Page builders suck
Page builder users: All the other page builders suck

Can we just accept that there are different tools for different jobs and then be nice to each other?

09/09/2019, 14:03

I quite like the Wikipedia snippet that @DuckDuckGo gives you when you search for “lorem ipsum”. It works far better as placeholder text than actual Lorem ipsum! Will make far more sense to clients. 👍

08/09/2019, 14:17

– Knowledge from Marcel Pociot Package Development course was super helpful! https://phppackagedevelopment.com/
– One of the apps had tests – I felt so much more confident upgrading that!
– Upgrading can be hard – you need to know PHP and Composer well to understand messages and debug

08/09/2019, 14:16

Yesterday I did one side-project app upgrade from Laravel 5.1 to 6.0 and one from 5.7 to 5.8 and then 6.0.

Really simple apps, I should add.

– New ignition errors weren’t always helpful and took some getting used to.
– Had to fork the ReCaptcha package I use