2023-01-31 20:48:42

I've been looking for a way to get a reading list that works between browsers and machines and platforms, and that ties in nicely with an existing tool.

I don't want to have to push to Pocket or something.

I don't want to use something that syncs with iCloud.

Today I discovered that Raindrop.io does a GREAT job of this, and the apps even have a nice built-in reader UI! And it's super simple to then convert reading list items to bookmarks! Yay!!

2023-01-31 20:18:46

Photo of a cake decorated with a picture of a sloth - the animal type!

My daughter wanted a sloth cake for her birthday.

I wondered if this was because she was seven, and that she maybe also wanted an envy cake and a pride cake etc… and a gluttony cake!!

But no…

2023-01-31 20:08:24

I’ve had a bit of a break from “making”. Have been reading and playing. But there is creating to be done again.

Sadly, I think the first job is making the Turbo Admin compatible with Manifest v3.

This is annoying busy-work.

I may have to fire up No Mans Sky again instead!

2023-01-30 09:21:27

I’m back on the “Learning React.js” train.

Learning basic components and composing.

And I can’t help thinking:

We’ve really not come that far since Dreamweaver, have we?

2023-01-29 10:10:49

Well. I joined Twitter 15 years ago today. It was a good run. But I’m barely there now.

Not only is Mastodon the social media I want in terms of function (chronological timeline, no ads, etc). But the clean slate has meant I’m scrolling less and am enjoying other things more. Reading actual books, games, etc.

I’m sad. But I’m also very happy.

2023-01-28 23:45:28

Flippin No Mans Sky keeping me up again. I’m no real gamer. But this thing is a delight to just explore and build and work through the missions. Feels almost mindful. I could just fly across weird scenery all day.

2023-01-26 19:45:07

Oh. Interesting. It’s not just me that had Twitter notifications for junk/spam stuff turned back on without my permission.

Way to make the platform attractive!!

2023-01-24 19:24:49

I’ve written hardly any new code in my job as “web developer” in January.

There’s been:
– Audits
– eCommerce admin
– Email marketing operations
– Code review
– Project management/tracking
– Security operations

But virtually no virgin code.

It’s nice to have a varied job. But I miss it!

2023-01-24 19:20:02

It occurred to me today that, without an algorithm recommending people, it’s hard to find people to follow here.

So be sure to boost and mention people. Including…
especially?… the little people who don’t have many followers but who do have interesting things to say.

Perhaps is really important again?

2023-01-21 18:51:50

Cripes. Finally watching Moana for family film night. The animation is crazy! Fabrics. Dancing. Water. Fire. Sand. A zillion flowers and leaves.


2023-01-21 17:58:17


Is there not a domain service that groups things together and lets you bulk-renew with one annual payment/price?

I'd LOVE that.

(I'd also probably hate it)

2023-01-21 17:57:14

I'm book keeping. I have a lot of small invoices from Cloudflare for domains.

They make is SO easy.

Do you know how?

1) They email me the invoices so they're in the same place as MOST of my other invoices and don't need me to log in.
2) The PDF's attached to the invoice are named "cloudflare-<year>-<month>-<day>.pdf"

You have no idea how much these stupid little things matter when reconciling and uploading receipts!

2023-01-21 08:55:36

I love this post from @rhyswynne about video games.

I'm not a big gamer, but having recently started playing a "Big Proper Game" I TOTALLY see gaming as entertainment and art that we should be allowed to indulge in and enjoy.