2023-01-19 22:35:55

Why delete the Twitter app?

I have more than 3,000 followers over there. That's important and valuable. So I want to keep posting and engaging at least.

But deleting the app is a vote. A signal. A voice. I'm a single user in an ocean of others. But maybe it counts for something.

2023-01-19 22:28:37

No more third party apps. Well, I'm actually deleting the Twitter app from my phone then.

Sad times.

Will check in on desktop occasionally.

End of an era. Twitter literally changed my life in so many positive ways.


2023-01-18 08:23:52

I’m still a genius.

Lifehack time.

I got a water flosser last year. Which is great for cleaning your teeth.

But today I realised it’s basically a miniature household power washer.

I just used it to unblock the plug in my bathroom sink.

In seconds!

And gave it a clean too.


2023-01-16 12:26:42

Kinda happy with how my low-water, low-mess, low-noise coffee station is turning out in the office.

Lots of compromises. But making lots of nice brews here!

2023-01-16 10:31:58

Seems I have decided to properly embrace Blue Monday this year. Weather’s crap. I need sleep. I think I’m going to eat every single molecule of carbohydrate that I come across.

2023-01-15 17:26:24

Tried to add PHPCS and PHPStan to this too. Gosh, coding standards are painful to set up.

Seems like some WordPress standards aren't compatible with running them in phpcs on PHP8.0 😬

2023-01-14 20:43:08

Does anyone know what Geometry Dash is? (Context: I do, but I’ve never heard anyone else mention it on social media)

If you do, do you know the story behind it? Why is it suddenly popular? It’s like 5 years old‽
Is it a TikTok thing or something?

2023-01-13 21:50:59

I've not done for ages, but I'd love to share:

@aurooba whose 5-minute podcast experiment is wisdom and joy, and inspired me to make things

@jessitron, who's philosophical insight is matched by the energy with which she communicates it.

Thanks to both for all that you share with us!

2023-01-13 20:10:48

Well here we are. You know what I’ve been saying for literally years now? I’ve been saying “Hey, Twitter! How about you let me PAY for Twitter “Pro” that’s ad-free (because I don’t click the damn things anyway) and that lets me use a fully functional API.

Yes: productize the API! Everyone that wants it values it. They’re probably already paying for a third-party client app.

This is what Twitter Blue should be.

And now it’s likely gone.

Sad times.