30/08/2019, 08:00

Yesterday I made by first ACF/WordPress Gutenberg Block with. An interesting experience. Starting to see the benefit of component-scoped styles. Not sure how you’re supposed to do this in ACF-block world.

30/08/2019, 07:54

We got QR codes the wrong way around to start with. We thought the companies should have the codes and the people should have the scanners. But it works better the other way around!

10/08/2019, 17:34

We’ve not had much gardening time this year but some things have flourished regardless. I love that our kids get to see where food really comes from.

07/08/2019, 21:44

…for whatever reason, I had a tough few days this last week. The positive feedback has been really timely and important. So if you said nice things: thank you!

07/08/2019, 21:44


My posts and tweets – old, new, current and ongoing – have been getting some love lately. It’s good to know that some of the stuff that makes it out of my brain is sometimes funny, useful, or whatever it is to you. And…

06/08/2019, 08:37

Reminded that I have some video “courses” I’ve put together to help other WordPressers and less-experienced developers learn some tools and techniques.


Some of these are unfinished. Let me know what would be useful to add and I’ll see if I can make more.