25/07/2019, 10:44

Me: Well, that’s great, but you still sent me an email in error. Are you going to fix anything?

Tech support is about closing tickets. Not fixing things that are broken.

This is what the wrong KPI’s do.

25/07/2019, 10:43

I don’t understand tech support:

Me: I got an email from you about something unrelated to my account. Why was it sent? And is it spam?
Support: It’s not spam. But you can ignore it.
Me: OK, so your system sent me an incorrect email?
Support: You can ignore it

23/07/2019, 20:13

But “grace” is also something that brings joy & beauty to the world. A “graceful” dancer, for example, has a positive emotion & aesthetic.

Graceful behaviour is what the world needs now. People moving through life gracefully, giving gifts, sharing unconditionally, bringing joy.

23/07/2019, 20:08

Recently the main cataphatic “word” I have been holding and pondering has been “hope”.

But seasons change, and I think I’m moving on to think about “grace”.

The greek word “χάρις”/”charis” is loaded with meaning: a gift; a blessing; kindness; being freely given.

23/07/2019, 20:01

I was reading about apophatic (mystical/beyond words) spirituality and cataphatic (towards words) spirituality the other day. I’m feel very much at both ends of this spectrum. Words are important but we mustn’t make them so important that they are the only way we experience life.

23/07/2019, 19:55

Really wanting to 😡 but deciding to 🤐.

It’s not worth it.

Move along. What’s next‽ What’s been good today?

17/07/2019, 21:35

But until then please just consider:

– Will it work in square format, or is there a variation that will?
– Does it have small details that will be lost when the logo is small?
– If the logo has text in it, is it readable at anything less than a large-size logo?

17/07/2019, 21:35

I’m NOT a designer. But at some point I need to write a blog post on the basic rules of logo design to try to get people to ask “How will this look when I use it for…?”

16/07/2019, 18:32

Honestly, in stock photo world the school run is an explosion of joy.

– No one runs late
– No one has forgotten anything
– No child needs the toilet just when you should be leaving
– Homework is done with smiles and glee
– It never rains
– Somehow Yoga is involved?

16/07/2019, 18:31

Having been convinced to sign up for a stock media site to get some sound effects, I’m now making good use of it for other things.

Searching for pics of school parents for possible SchoolBot use…and…

These parents are WAY too happy about doing the school run!!


15/07/2019, 20:55

Welling up a bit as I listen to ep 10 of #13MinutesToTheMoon

The promise of peace and unity inspired by the Apollo programme has been so massively missed. 🙁

“In the bright light of Apollo he looked into his brother’s eyes and with reverence and awe he saw himself.”

10/07/2019, 08:15

From Twitter: “I love how being an adult is just saying ‘But after this week things will slow down a bit again’ to yourself until you die”

08/07/2019, 12:38

Well stuff you Mothercare and Halfords. Stop sending a woman with an 8-month-old and a punctured buggy-tyre to other people and JUST FIX IT.

I did!

08/07/2019, 12:34

This morning I was monitoring a live stream of attempted rodent cannibalism.

Ask me anything. 🤷‍♂️

06/07/2019, 15:08

Think it’s time to do my annual re-definition of the word “Lawn”:

lawn (n) : area of wild land mostly covered with creeping cinqfoil and clover; home to many ants

Journalists and lexicographers take note.

Everyone else: you’re welcome! 👍

04/07/2019, 18:31

Just seen a guy wearing this T-shirt in the street.

If you know, you know. Very clever taking this logo out of its context and making it a thing. 😉😃