2023-01-12 09:30:29

@jordibruin Hey! Just wanted to say hi and thank you for Soosee.

Aral Balkan boosted a post of mine about allergy detecting using Apple Shortcuts, and it got a TON of interest as a result.

I’ve been referring loads of people to your brilliant app. So I hope you do well out of it too.

Great work! And thanks again.

2023-01-12 09:20:05

Phew! Thanks for all the fave's, boosts, follows and conversations. I've replied to as many of you as I can and have loved all the tips and conversation.

And thanks again to @aral for the huge boost!

If you liked the food-ingredient scanner shortcut it's here for you to tinker with:


Use entirely at your own risk and not for severe allergies/intolerances.

These apps also look great:



2023-01-11 19:31:43

I didn’t even know it was possible to go viral on Mastodon. This is crazy. Getting about 4 favourites per minute and no sign of it stopping! 😂

Thanks for all the love and boosting. You’ve made my day!

2023-01-11 15:32:32

A screengrab of Apple's Shortcuts app showing a "Citrus Check" shortcut that does:

1. Take 1 photo with Back camera
2. Extract text from Photo
3. Change Text from image to lowercase
4. If Updated text contains "citric"
then show alert "Don't eat this"

I’m a frickin genius.

Context: my kid is mildly allergic to citric acid and citric fruit. Brings out eczema. And citric acid is in SO many things. And it’s painful checking ingredients lists for it.

This morning I wondered: can my phone OCR the ingredients list and check it?

My first thought was to make a little web app. But there doesn’t seem to be a OCR in web browsers yet.

But I KNOW my phone can get text from images.


Apple Shortcuts!!!


2023-01-08 12:49:24

I have the weirdest cold today. For some reason it’s streaming out of my eyes!! Never had that before.

No it’s not Covid. I tested.

My wife is being a legend letting me rest and doing ALL the things.

2023-01-08 12:25:36

I was reminded by @jonathanbossenger that we once did a team “Pub Quiz” and it had a “Tech or Pokemon” round.

So… for your Sunday entertainment… are these tech? Or Pokemon?

1. Hadoop
2. Cuttlebell
3. Delphox
4. Ariados
5. Celestia
6. Metapod
7. Summingbird
8. Sawk
9. Feebas
10. Sudowoodo
11. Keras
12. Numpy
13. Ekans

No spoilers please! I’ll post answers as a reply sometime tomorrow.

2023-01-06 21:46:28

My wife has bought an electric piano! Yay!

Her: I can make music. And the kids can learn too!

Me: This thing has wireless midi over Bluetooth? Cooool. What can I connect it to? What can it do?!