20/09/2018, 06:52

Well this was better. Rice flour really did help my issue of the dough getting stuck to the proving basket. Plus I used a less-dampntabke when shaping. Now need to work on the rise a bit! #sourdough

28/08/2018, 08:08

#sourdough My starter definitely survived in the fridge while we holidayed. But this does not seem to have risen much overnight. Hmm. Left it to prove a bit this morning. Could be a bit of a brick.

15/06/2018, 08:06

We were contemplating the cost of home-made #sourdough. Even with premium organic flour there’s about 60p of flour in a 750g loaf. Other ingredients are water and salt, which are negligible cost. Only other cost is running the oven. No idea what that is.

15/06/2018, 08:06

New oblong banneton = new bread shapes! Plus Shipton Mill flour, so I’m expecting good things. Even remembered to score it!! #sourdough

12/06/2018, 07:33

It has become apparent that my cheap, industrial, non-organic flour may be hindering my rise. I am officially a #sourdough #baking nerd!

12/06/2018, 07:33

First attempt at a 50/50 white/wholemeal #sourdough loaf. Seems about the right wetness but I’m not used to this texture. Hope it works out. (Dough made last night)

30/05/2018, 07:01

Attempted a double-bake yesterday/today. Forgot to score one! #sourdough #baking #BoringMiddleClassHobbies

27/05/2018, 06:51

Round three. Aided by my currently-partially-disabled wife. But I messed up putting it in the oven and got a weird shape. Lovely texture though! #sourdough #baking

23/05/2018, 06:40

I know. I’m a completely middle-aged, middle-class, hipster, sourdough-making bore now. But this is SO pleasing!! #sourdough #baking

23/05/2018, 06:31

Round 2… #sourdough #baking. Forgot to score it!! 🤦‍♂️ Darker than the first one, but has risen more.

20/05/2018, 17:15

Has a lovely texture and smell. Looks like ice cream! I’m cooing over it like a baby. Hope it works! #sourdough #baking

20/05/2018, 16:43

The “stretch and fold” stage. Seems a little to dry/glutenny to me. People I saw on YouTube had much wetter dough. We’ll see! #sourdough