2023-05-10 22:15:31

Aaaaand another one. I think that’s three today. It’s getting quite silly.

Waiting for Dropbox AI, Discord AI and flippin Pizza Express AI. 🙄

2023-05-10 21:04:42

NEWSFLASH: I'm excited to announce that my posts will soon be harnessing the power of AI to bring unparalleled new efficiencies to the post-reading experience and making me smarter, faster, more relevant and insightful as I combine the knowledge and power of over 4 billion parameters and multiple language models…

Like heck I am.

But EVERY DAMN EMAIL from a product company is like this now.

2023-05-10 20:52:32

People with Apple Watches… help a noob out…

Can you buy a charger that's actually MFi certified (as opposed to MFi-certified-on-the-Amazon-listing-only) and doesn't get incredibly hot without paying Apple or Belkin silly money?

2023-05-10 18:57:04

Why don’t all new laptops come with a red “on air” light built into the top edge of the screen bezel so that you know not to disturb the user?

This should be a thing, right?

2023-05-10 08:11:09

As an experienced parent I can tell you that we will quickly know if/when we have created an artificial general intelligence:

– it will start doing the opposite of what we ask
– it will start telling you at length about things that you didn’t ask it about
– it will cease to be able to combine logic with its knowledge and experience to make good decisions

2023-05-08 08:31:46

Nina Warhurst – BBC Breakfast presenter – is unstoppable. She’s clearly a good time into being pregnant; she’s up at who-knows-what-hour each morning to work; and I swear she’s not had single day off for months.

Today she’s doing an outside broadcast from Liverpool for Eurovision.

Amazing. Respect! 👏👏👏

2023-05-02 13:27:06

I’m gonna have to blog about this but I sat down to help my reasonably IT-literate sister get to grips with an old WordPress website and WOW this experience is AWFUL!

And the block editor is still a disaster.

I know so much work has gone into it but there’s still so many basic things that are so wrong.