2023-07-17 09:23:46

The conversation was basically about what motivates us to do chores. Turns out I’m primarily motivated by consequences. “This job is important because if I don’t do it then this bad thing will happen”.

Which is not, it turns out, how everyone thinks!

2023-07-17 09:07:46

Is there some trait – possibly of neurodiverse minds – that’s like an intuitive, in-brain, fault tree analysis. Where, when presented with an idea, you very quickly understand the possible failure modes.

I thought maybe this was learned pessimism or catastrophising. But after a conversation with my wife at the weekend I’m wondering if it’s innate and a gift?

Also… really want to do a masters in Psychology right now.

2023-07-15 13:38:22

My son is now playing Zelda. He’s so much quicker at picking these things up than I am. Making me feel a bit stupid.

2023-07-13 17:37:12

The distant low rumbles and occasional closer roars are here. And it’s July.

It must be…

Royal International Air Tattoo weekend!!

2023-07-13 16:36:02

A very amateur gamer speaks:

So No Mans Sky was half price in the Steam Store. And I have a MacBook. And it works on Macs now. And their return policy is really good.

So I gave it a go to see if it was much better than the Switch version.

And Oh My Goodness this is why you all have Xboxes and stuff!! 😃

2023-07-11 18:22:44

It occurs to me that I don’t have a mental model for … hmm … dynamically “binding” stuff in React.

I want to compile some React thing that will load in the browser that uses an API provided by some other thing that someone else compiled that loads in the browser.

Seems simple but I’m scratching my head here.


2023-07-09 15:46:54

I really don't think I can take another cricket match like that.

My stress levels would quite like this Ashes series to be over.

2023-07-09 14:36:48

🙄 I discovered LightningCSS today. Looks like a great replacement for a bunch of build tools for CSS. Built in Rust! Perhaps I can remove a bunch more fragile npm dependencies?!

Oh. But I need to `npm install` it?


2023-07-09 12:51:43

🤔 Today I’m thinking about supply-chain attacks in utilities that are written in Go, Rust etc and compiled.

With tools like esbuild and LightningCSS, we only have a single dependency, rather than the hundreds/thousands of dependencies in the tree for an npm-based tool.

But if something is written in Rust and it’s using some off-the-shelf crate/package, would I know about that?

Do all tools dependent on a library get flagged if a package is found to have an issue?

2023-07-08 22:07:56

Can I say I frickin LOVE that women’s sport has grown so much these last few years. How it was never such a big thing before I don’t know (*).

But it’s great that it’s a thing now because it’s damn good.

(*) – OK, yes, the patriarchy, I DO know

2023-07-08 15:34:28

@JPEGuin Hello. Just subscribed to race control, mostly for team radio. But it’s not working. Any ideas why?

I get the play buttons. But clicking does nothing.

Is this feature broken?

2023-07-06 20:23:57

📻 The previous post, by the way, was a reaction blog to this REALLY FREAKIN’ EXCELLENT episode of This American Life that looks at intelligence – artificial and otherwise – from a number of different creative angles.


2023-07-06 20:18:50

🤖 I don’t remember who recommend it, but DANG this episode of “This American Life” that tells stories about intelligence – artificial and otherwise – was good.

So good I had to write some thoughts down about it.

"Is ChatGPT clever because it _has_ "theory of mind", or is it stupid because it _lacks_ the instincts that keep a toddler alive.”


2023-07-06 09:10:06

The route to death of a social network on my mobile is:

Level 1. App deleted. Try to use just the web app on mobile.
Level 2. Ignore on mobile. Only use on desktop occasionally.
Level 3. Stop using altogether.

Current status:

Facebook: Level 2.5 – just need schools to stop using it for critical comms

Instagram: Level 1 but only for school stuff

Twitter: Level 2

Can you believe I’ve NEVER been on TikTok?

2023-07-06 08:55:03

Threads opinions

*Opens Threads.*

What’s all this stuff in my timeline from accounts that I don’t follow?

Oh, it’s an addictive engagement machine.

No thanks.

*Deletes Threads*