27/12/2022, 08:33

What do shouty YouTubers do with their sound mixing? Is there a special filter that cranks up the obnoxiousness or something?

It’s impossible to hear them without it being incredibly loud.

I hate it.

25/12/2022, 22:20

Cool thing about my prototype mini cross-posting web app is that I just post a thought that I want to share and walk away. No getting sucked into scrolling.

I now want an email app that JUST sends!

And a todo app that just adds a new todo.

I’m sure there are ways with existing apps. Will have to investigate!

25/12/2022, 22:14

I’ve not questioned my productivity tech for a while. Bear plus Feedbin have been just great. But heard so many good things about Obsidian I thought I’d give it a try. And Readwise Reader got a good mention too so have been trying that as well.

I don’t think either will take over. Readwise seems too complex. Obsidian’s mobile app isn’t so hot. But good to try new things.

25/12/2022, 20:41

Oh wow!! Matt Parker’s book, Humble Pi, has page numbers that count DOWN! And now I want this in every freaking book because it’s absolute genius!!!

23/12/2022, 22:52

No spoilers. Just feelings.

A day late we just finished watching The Traitors.

At first I thought it was a great concept. But the missions were tedious. And it got personal in ways that I didn’t expect.

Seems I don’t like people being pitted against each other like that. 😕

23/12/2022, 12:57

Perhaps it needs more per-task focus instead of trying to do everything, everywhere, all at once (Pop-culture reference! Get me!! 😉)

It doesn’t seem to use existing design/interface patterns too. Is that because it’s doing new things? I don’t think so. But maybe.

These have been issues for me since the start. I don’t think I’ll ever get over them. I’m not expecting Gutenberg go back to basics & change these things. So I struggle along.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a good path. Complex UI is so hard. It’s just not working for ME!

23/12/2022, 12:55

I tried to take part in the Gutenberg FSE Testing call. But every time I try and do advanced block editor stuff I get frustrated by the UI. Huge kudos to all those building this (in public!) because it’s flippin hard. But I can’t get to grips with it. I want to love it but…

For specifics:

My core annoyances with Gutenberg haven’t changed. There’s just too much UI & too much of it is both unfamiliar and unintuitive for me. I’m not sure why.

I suspect it’s trying to do too much all at once.

23/12/2022, 10:42

LastPass related: making me pay for premium to use a YubiKey or biometric auth is just crap. Who thought that was a good idea?

(Also: Pay for your password manager! I don’t pay for LastPass because I don’t really use it. I only have an account because people have shared secrets with me.)

23/12/2022, 10:37

Re: the LastPass breach. Isn’t design fascinating? LastPass is just so full of crappy visual and UX design that it makes me not trust it. I’ve never liked it. Feels like if they don’t put the effort into the visuals and the experience then they probably aren’t putting the effort into the security either. But that could be completely wrong. Just because something looks slick doesn’t mean it’s actually any good. Who should we trust?

21/12/2022, 07:28

So, I’ve used oAuth2 before, but never really dug into it.

Seems odd that Mastodon lets you programmatically create apps without auth:


On the one hand, this seems like it should be a very spammable endpoint. On the other hand it can’t be worse than any other public endpoint, can it? I mean you could end up with a database full of spammy apps, but that’s not really a lot of data. I assume it’s pretty hard rate limited?

20/12/2022, 14:34

It can be so disheartening building stuff that very few other people seem to make use of. 😕

So make things that you enjoy and use yourself. 😎

And enjoy the creative process. 🙂

If it’s not fun and no one else seems to care, don’t do it.

Is there a “you can have two of three” thing here?

– Fun
– Useful to you
– Useful to others

If it doesn’t do two of these, drop it!

20/12/2022, 14:22

Hacking on #WordlePress today.

It was too hard, so there are now options to:

– Get a hint of a word. This will reveal the first letter and length of a word, like “r*******”
– Outright cheat by having a single word revealed


In future, uses of these will be tracked and included in the sharing text, and your user stats.

It’s still just for funsies though. Don’t take anything too seriously here.

Thanks to all who play!

19/12/2022, 22:01

Wow. I knew I had hoarded way too much stuff in an ancient Pocket account. I’d never been able to properly clear it out because the app couldn’t load the whole list. But now it seems I can sort by date in reverse!

Digging up some right old gems of articles.

“At the time of this writing, Mt. Gox values a BTC at ~$10.75 USD — however that could fluctuate up or down, depending on the Bitcoin market as a whole.”

November 2012