19/12/2022, 08:02

I realised that the plugin version of Turbo Admin needed at least the core code update. Working on that this morning.

Keeping the additional search modes (users, plugins, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms) as extension-only for now. But that might change.

16/12/2022, 23:41

It is done! Turbo Admin’s next big version (v1.12) is complete. Submitted to Chrome Web Store for review. Docs written.

Hopefully you all get to try this next week!

If you’re still at work, that is.

16/12/2022, 18:53

On my new work laptop I’ve had to move from Firefox to Chrome. Today I discovered the Cmd-Shift-A shortcut and it’s AMAZING. Proper keyboard tab switching. Love it.

15/12/2022, 20:41

Screenshot of v1.12 Turbo Admin milestone with 1 open issue.

ONE MORE!!! I’ll be so relieved when this is done and built and out there.

Plan is to soft-launch Turbo Admin 1.12 (it’s a minor number, but a major release) ASAP so you can all get it, but run some promotion in the new year.

15/12/2022, 11:23

Ooof. Need to add some more clues for people. It’s just too hard!!
Argh! I gave up on today’s #WordlePress after 185 guesses. 😭😭😭
⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ x 33
⬜️⬜️🟩⬜️ x 11
⬜️⬜️🟩🟩 x 136
⬜️🟩🟩🟩 x 3
Test your #WordPress dev knowledge at https://wordlepress.com/

15/12/2022, 09:42

Coding thought: I’ve always loved types. My first job used static analysis a LOT! With the combination of PHPStan & JSDoc letting me use types without changing my code much I’m LOVING the help & insight that types give me. Old PHP code with structured arrays is SO annoying now.

15/12/2022, 09:18

This morning is just going to be a social media stream of consciousness from me as I process many things from the last few weeks and months. You may want to mute me. 😂

13/12/2022, 21:40

I saw Turbo Admin posted in a Facebook group today with some people commenting that it was buggy. This makes me sad. I can’t make it better and fix bugs if people don’t report them!

People who have contacted me will tell you I’m properly happy to get big reports & feature ideas!

13/12/2022, 21:38

I was tempted to ask ChatGPT to make a Wordle clone in JavaScript. But I don’t actually care if it can or not. Because if this stuff starts to take over the world then we will end up with people that don’t know if language models give correct answers or not. That seems bad!

13/12/2022, 07:57

Don’t normally share the Wordle, but this was very pleasing…

Wordle 542 3/6