21/04/2019, 20:57

Personal thing, but the normalisation of casual swearing amongst otherwise-professional people in public is really starting to bother me. I know you want to bring “yourself”, but really, can it not be held back in a professional context or with a potential family audience? 🤔

21/04/2019, 20:56

It also:
– Uses the official Pinboard API (there’s a settings screen for your API key)
– Obeys the API’s rate limits
– Allows you to choose an author for synced pins
– Syncs updated pins from Pinboard (I think!) but does not remove deleted pins

21/04/2019, 20:53

Weekend/holiday hacking: I’ve further developed my Pinboard Sync WordPress plugin. Anyone interested in having this in the WP repo? It:
– Copies Pinboard pins to a WordPress post type
– Includes tags in a custom taxonomy
– Will run through WP Cron and/or a WP-CLI command

05/04/2019, 18:47

Despite being a super tech geek, I think this is the first trip I’ve made where I trust the tech enough to be pretty much working on digital tickets and cashless. It’s weird. My phone now does EVERYTHING!

01/04/2019, 10:37

Loads of people complaining about April Fools day this year. I actually LIKE April Fools Day. I like spotting them. I like being fooled by them…a bit. I LOVE the creativity. And given the state of the world, I think we need a lot more playfulness and fun.

28/03/2019, 15:53

Navigating the streets with my girl on her bike always brings out smiles. This article with lots of girls on bikes made ME smile! Love it.

“Let’s show more girls riding bikes – then perhaps more girls will ride bikes. Here’s a few to start with….”


25/03/2019, 21:28

Oh my goodness I’m such a hippy. I’m making sourdough. I’ve just made humous from scratch. And my next move might be yoga. Do I win some kind of prize?

14/03/2019, 22:32

You know, this week has left me really jaded about the web design/development industry. I don’t know who can be trusted any more. I daren’t interact or discuss. I’m questioning even my own motives. And I’m really sad and confused. 😕

But we get past it and carry on.

14/03/2019, 22:29

Been meaning to add a little “Maker Log” to my blog to record some of what I’m up to:

* Add a WordPress post type
* Add a custom widget
* Make a WP-CLI remote command to post to it from the command line


All at https://rosswintle.uk

10/03/2019, 18:33

Product idea: a plate with a cover that’s connected to a sensor in a cushion you put on a chair. The cover only opens when it detects the presence of a child sitting fully on the chair. You HAVE to sit on the chair to be able to eat the food!

Now someone please make this. Ta!