2024-06-05 21:36:45

Garden office news.

The people that lived here before us didn’t do many things right when they renovated the place.


They did think to run a tough pipe with electrical and CAT-5 cable down the 30m garden.

The electrics checked out a few weeks ago.

Today I crimped a couple of RJ45s on to see what will happen. Turns out I have a working cable already running to the site! 🙌

2024-06-05 09:19:20

Product idea for UK primary school parents: A re-usable dressing-up costume for special school dress-up days. Hear me out…

Take a toga-style dress and sew on a bunch of Velcro patches.

Then sell kits of stick-on adornments. Fur (for cavemen day), a sash and gold bits (for Romans Day), red dots (for Comic Relief), coloured dots (for Children in Need) and various attachments for world book day!


2024-06-04 10:08:00

Why is everything about me so in-betweeny?

I'm a late Gen-Xer, but an early/borderline Xennial.

I was born and live in Swindon which is kinda on the border of West, Midlands, South and South West England.

I rarely hold extreme opinions.

I'm destined to be middle-of-everything.

2024-06-02 11:12:20

Finally, while I liked the real buttons, there was shiny edging in the interior that, at times, reflected bright sunlight at me from several directions at once.

Oh, and the display brightness setting was buried in an obscure menu in the touchscreen. Which totally threw me when I first turned the lights on and could barely see the display.

Just SO badly designed. Was glad to hand it back.

Yes. First world problems or whatever. Thanks for enduring my rant.

2024-06-02 11:09:07

The steering wheel was small as well. Which meant that… you could not see any of the controls on the stalks! Which is fine if it’s your car and you’ve memorised everything. But I only had a week and no instruction manual.

2024-06-02 11:07:28

The drinks holder was also too high meaning that resting my left arm meant resting it ON MY DRINK! 🙄

Who thinks of these things‽

2024-06-02 11:04:47

Well… it was really (adjusted for my own expextations) big on the outside but surprisingly small on the inside. It must have had very thick walls. But in the front it also had the MASSIVE central console thing that meant that I felt really cramped as a driver.

The console also had a ridge on it at about the height of my knee, so resting my left leg against it was actually painful.

2024-06-02 11:02:05

Back from holiday! Yay! So what was the story with the hire car?

Well. We had some credit with a hire car company from a booking we cancelled years ago. We needed something bigger than our EV for this trip as we were taking an extra passenger. So we used our credit to hire a Peugeot 3008 “crossover”-style car. Petrol. Automatic.

What did I hate about it, apart from being really noisy at low speed and the jolts of gear changes that we weren’t used to?

2024-06-01 18:29:20

This hire car has been… fine. But it has SO many ridiculous design flaws. Tempted to write it up for posterity.

2024-05-29 19:40:48

Working in marketing and eCommerce has taught me that I’m a bit of a weirdo.

1. Tiny UX tweaks will not affect my purchase. If I want to purchase something and the cart is just a little bit shit, I’m not gonna then go and buy something else.

2. I find cart reminder emails extremely annoying.

3. I will hunt down your pricing page if I it kills me. Moving the link to it will make it easier/harder, but I WILL find it.

And so on…

2024-05-25 10:15:21

OK. This week I become a proper full-time EV zealot.

I have hired a petrol automatic for a week.

It’s crap. I hate it. It’s loud. It’s unresponsive. The brakes are harsh. Petrol is expensive and smells.

Its only redeeming feature is the range.

Everything else is worse.

(Hybrids probably represent a good half-way. But gosh I love my EV)

2024-05-23 21:50:44

Still freaks me out that “0” is falsey in PHP. In some ways that’s super clever. But in other ways it’s super annoying.

Proper type hints save the day regardless!

2024-05-23 21:17:40

I've been talking a LOT at work about abstractions lately. They're probably all bored of me. And yet, abstractions are SO important.

In code, the right abstraction at the right time is such an enabler!

2024-05-23 21:16:29

Darnit. Both Seagulls AND other vehicles using my car as target practice today.

I'm fine. The car is fine. A minor incident. Just annoying.

And it's covered in bird poop!!