01/10/2018, 13:23

Not everyone (especially young kids) has smartphones and can play
Easy to cheat (esp if you’re a techie like me!)
Lack of physicality when tapping

It would still make for a good ongoing competition between adults, but the school thing would be lost.

01/10/2018, 13:23

Lunchtime thinking: I have a nearly complete front-end for a virtual Beat the Street clone. But building it has made clear the pros and cons of the virtual game idea.

Low cost (to run it)
Little infrastructure
More flexible boxes (put them wherever you like!)

01/10/2018, 13:23

My son has made a book. Well, he’s made several. He wants to publish this one. It’s on a topic that ONLY he is enthusiastic about. What he’s made is INCREDIBLE for a 6 year old, but how to tell him it wouldn’t be published without making it sound like it’s rubbish?

29/09/2018, 16:48

School homework task: “Write a silly story using 10 of your Year 1 common exception words”

Just 10? This is harder than it seems.

How about:

“They once said ‘come here’. Today my house is full!”


27/09/2018, 13:14

People: Do you like the new MailChimp re-design?

Me: I’m the kind of person that looks for clothes with re-inforced knees, sturdy pocket linings and that are non-iron and machine-washable at 30. It still has lists and campaigns. It still sends emails. So it’s all good. 😉

26/09/2018, 22:04

Yay! I did it!

✅ At least 1 kid all day
✅ Both school runs
✅ Little one napped (eventually)
✅ Swim class at 4pm
✅ Everyone fed evening meals
✅ Solo double bedtime (!!!)

I know this is a normal day for many people. But it’s a personal triumph for me as an individual!

25/09/2018, 15:28

I wonder what happens if two people with Gmail just keep using the suggested responses. Would the conversation actually go anywhere?

21/09/2018, 08:13

But then I’m the guy that has this crazy idea that congestion is caused by a combination of finite road network capacity and too many vehicles.


21/09/2018, 08:12

I find it bizarre that the council ask the public what they think of solutions to traffic congestion. We don’t have survey data. We don’t have modelling software. I assume the traffic planners do? Can’t we make expensive decisions based on data rather than guesswork and opinion?

20/09/2018, 06:52

Well this was better. Rice flour really did help my issue of the dough getting stuck to the proving basket. Plus I used a less-dampntabke when shaping. Now need to work on the rise a bit! #sourdough

17/09/2018, 11:04

Step 1 of “never getting involved in school communications” complete. You’ll hardly notice. In fact…I desperately hope that no one notices. Because that’s the point. 😃