17/02/2019, 20:16

Actually properly playing with Statamic tonight. A few “huh, really?” moments. But mostly good and the documentation is excellent. The only thing I can’t do (easily) is something that I probably can’t do easily in WordPress either.

13/02/2019, 23:02

Never-to-be-repeated parenting moment.

4 balloons – 4 kids

Me: Let’s have one each
Child 1: I want the pink one!
(Me, thinking: Oh crap)
C2: I want the yellow one!
(Me: this will end in tears)
C3: I want the blue one!
Me (to C4): Which do you want?
C4: The red one!


13/02/2019, 23:01

Heard some stuff about quitting list-making and celebrating successes.

Perhaps to-do app have a “backwards” mode where tasks are greyed out and struck through to show when INcomplete, and revealed and highlighted in black once complete to show “Yay! You did this!”

06/02/2019, 09:16

Second #WednesdayWonders : My family, of course. I’m biased but I think they are the most beautiful, smart, brilliant, funny, creative people I know. Seeing my boy thrive at school is 💯. Seeing my girl dance through life is 🙌. Seeing my wife nailing work + parenting is 😍

06/02/2019, 09:11

First #WednesdayWonders : cycling and exercise. I’ve been injured for a few weeks and unable to cycle to work. I REALLY miss it. Heart pounding, blood flowing through my veins, the freedom of flowing through the world under your own power.

Hoping to be back soon. 🚴🏻‍♂️😃🙌

06/02/2019, 09:11

I know this will sound all fluffy & Marie-Kondo, But the last few weeks have been pretty…🤔…overcast? I’m making an effort today to focus on what brings me joy & makes me feel alive. Why not tweet your things too?

This needs a hashtag. How about #WednesdayWonders ?

28/01/2019, 10:01

So on to geek tweets…

Having tinkered with TypeScript a bit, I’m now starting to realise “Oh, I can do type hints in my PHP too” and trying to do that where I can.

Type hints are not for everyone – you can take them or leave them – but I LOVE the predictability and safety.

28/01/2019, 10:01

I know that most of my posts are

– unfathomable technical gobbledegook
– interesting coding tips & references*

But I desperately hope that those that aren’t are fun, interesting, informative or uplifting in some way.

And THANK YOU for following!

(* Delete as appropriate)

28/01/2019, 10:00

This is not me wanting to blow my own trumpet. And I’m 100% not about numbers. But this number fascinates me. I honestly don’t understand it. And I was listening to a podcast this morning that made me realise that this number comes with some responsibility.

16/01/2019, 22:31

My wife got me doing some Myers-Briggs-type stuff tonight. I’m such an ambivert. I’m a more introverted version of the E*** profile, and a more extroverted version of the I*** profile. But otherwise it pretty much nailed me again!

16/01/2019, 22:13

Everyone else is writing about CSS. So I am too!

Inspired by a conversation with @frontendben (and totally ripping off his idea) I present the new hotness in CSS-land: SUCSS!!


(Partly in jest, but this also documents my history with CSS and some ideas!)

15/01/2019, 09:54

My girl’s little purple shoes have been missing for a few days. I’ve checked in the car a few times. Pretty certain they’re not there.

14/01/2019, 17:28

Not all software development processes are equal:


I wrote this ages ago. I was hesitant to publish it because it adds to a post by a giant in my industry. I didn’t feel that was my place. But every time I read it I think it’s good. So…

09/01/2019, 23:47

I guess the summary is: WordPress dev was a gateway to bigger/other things. I now want the bigger/other things. But WordPress dev is still my core skill set and breadwinner. How do I move on? And what do I move on to?