21/12/2018, 09:49

At this point I have pretty much no idea how Facebook works. It seems to be wholly unreliable as a meaningful and trustworthy form of communication.

I’ve deleted the apps again.

18/12/2018, 23:28

A closing piece of wisdom for the day: everyone is on their own path. Everyone. Don’t look around and see others on their paths and wish it was your path. Because you aren’t them. You are you. Uniquely, invaluably, brilliantly you. Follow YOUR path.

15/12/2018, 15:26

7yo: But…I’ll lose my place!
Me: Hmm. If only there were some kind of device someone had invented that you could use to remember where you were in my book
7yo: I know!


15/12/2018, 13:25

In shouldn’t be. But I’m joyfully flabbergasted. I’m sure this is the first time ever that not only has a support person actually read and answered EXACTLY the question I asked but they actually repeated my question back to me before answering it.

This is so simple. Why so hard?

11/12/2018, 12:25

Pareto’s principle of home baking:

80% of the bread gets eaten in the first 20 minutes after it comes out of the oven.

The last 20% takes 4 days to eat.

10/12/2018, 11:21

Woah! Had prepared myself for Steve Schoger and Adam Wathan’s Refactoring UI book to be more expensive than even an expensive book. Had prepared myself for $70 – $80. But $250 for a PDF!!? Cripes.

I mean, it’s a good kit of stuff. But even the discounted $150 is a lot.

09/12/2018, 07:54

And I’m sure it will do great at that. But it’s not “an operating system for the web” that was previously talked about. And this future is not hugely interesting to me as a software developer.


09/12/2018, 07:52

Notes on State of the Word: Let’s step back and consider what WordPress is to be now. It’s not a general purpose CMS – that direction seems dead. There’s nothing in its future direction about types, fields & meta. It’s a site builder. An HTML authoring tool. It’s Dreamweaver!

02/12/2018, 22:48

Interesting. Seems they can’t/don’t/won’t make polygonal chocolate coins. So 10p is the biggest they can do now. To cope with inflation they’ve started making “chocolate notes”! I guess rectangles are just easier.

02/12/2018, 21:41

Isaac drew this a few weeks back. His explanation is that it’s someone who fell over in Strictly Come Dancing and their partner is sad because they fell over. All the judges gave it zero apart from Bruno who gave it one!


29/11/2018, 09:22

Perfect. Site migration day.

“I’ll work from home because the internet is faster and more reliable!”

Internet goes down. 🙄