10/10/2018, 12:25

Good grief my Mac is slow after the Mojave update. Used to wake from sleep in seconds. Now takes a minute or two. BUT battery life while sleeping seems longer. Is “deeper sleep” a feature?

10/10/2018, 11:29

Genuinely curious – does having an orange flashing light actually mean that no road laws apply, as this guy who’s 95% blocking a crossing at a busy and dangerous junction suggests?

01/10/2018, 13:23

But also:

My goodness, it’s easy to make a geocaching-/Pokemon Go-type location check-in game.


How on earth do other game (and fitness app!) makers prevent cheating by geeks? Do they encrypt/encode API requests or something? How does no one cheat at Strava?

01/10/2018, 13:23

Not everyone (especially young kids) has smartphones and can play
Easy to cheat (esp if you’re a techie like me!)
Lack of physicality when tapping

It would still make for a good ongoing competition between adults, but the school thing would be lost.

01/10/2018, 13:23

Lunchtime thinking: I have a nearly complete front-end for a virtual Beat the Street clone. But building it has made clear the pros and cons of the virtual game idea.

Low cost (to run it)
Little infrastructure
More flexible boxes (put them wherever you like!)

01/10/2018, 13:23

My son has made a book. Well, he’s made several. He wants to publish this one. It’s on a topic that ONLY he is enthusiastic about. What he’s made is INCREDIBLE for a 6 year old, but how to tell him it wouldn’t be published without making it sound like it’s rubbish?