2024-01-16 22:12:28

My weekend-project Notes app now has some… err… design? And the ability to archive notes.

Still not mobile friendly (may never be).

Discovered the file writing API is not in Safari. 🙁

But… actually used for notes at work today. Perfect!!


2024-01-11 22:41:13

I know I’ll be accused of gatekeeping. But I don’t care. I am convinced…

There’s one skill that all senior software developers should have …

The ability to make up crazy ad-hoc metaphors for complex processes, on the fly, on Zoom calls, with 6 other people watching you.


(This is a joke… by the way)



2024-01-11 21:18:11

Also. My last Heart Internet domain is set to expire. And I’ve closed another re-sold hosting account. There are TWO accounts left. And then I can be free of reseller hosting forever!!!


2024-01-11 21:13:15

Why do all the headlines about the absolute travesty of injustice served to hundreds of UK post office managers start “Faulty software caused…” or “Errors in accounting system…”


They were relentlessly pursued for something they didn’t do. They were lied to. It was covered up. Their lives were ruined.

Computers and software didn’t do this. People did!!


2024-01-11 21:01:31

I have finished a book!!

I like to read, but I’m terrible at actually finishing off a book.

I have read “Doughnut Economics”. It’s a bit academic at times, but I’ve learned a lot about the kinds of things economists study and how they think. And what some alternatives might be.

I fear it doesn’t have much practical application for the everyday person.

But a very interesting read.

2024-01-08 23:50:48

Gah. New year new me was going so well. Total brain fart this evening. Late to bed. Ate poorly. No mini workout (but I did a proper cycle commute).

Being kind to myself. It was just a bad day. Back on it tomorrow!!!

2024-01-08 08:42:54

Given I’m trying to get better at nine different things, this represents a really pretty good week. I was going to bed each night feeling pretty happy with myself.

If nine seems like a lot I guess there is an overarching “Do the next right thing” approach to many of these. And that mindset is working! For now at least.

2024-01-04 23:12:51

In other news. I joined a Gym today. With a swimming pool.

I will mostly swim.

Because I hate gyms.

And I have a bad shoulder.

I cancelled my tennis lessons because it really doesn't fit with my schedule.

Two things:

1) They accepted the terms and conditions and privacy policy without showing either of them to me! 🤬 I just paid. And can use the equipment. 🤷‍♂️
2) They have an app and a web app and they sort of work together but it's an awful, awful experience. Why?!

2024-01-03 14:08:24

Help! AV advice needed.

I have an office with low-level background noise.

I’ve tried a condenser mic and they pick up EVERYTHING!!!

I’ve tried a dynamic mic and I need to really have it in my face to eliminate the noise and it’s looks stupid (but sounds awesome).

I’m currently trying a cheap(er) wired lavalier mic and this seems like a good compromise.

Should I:
a) Now I’ve proven it’s good invest in a wireless lav mic?
b) Do something else? Shotgun/directional mic? Hide under a duvet?

2024-01-03 08:22:33

A label that reads (I kid you not): “West Yorkshire Spinners. 100% Bluefaced Kerry Hill. Re:treat. Chunky. Roving.”

I found this in my house. I eventually worked out what it was for. But without context it’s a very random collection of words.

What do YOU think this is a label for?

2024-01-01 16:22:50

What an incredible run. I have loved Tom Scott's curiosity, intelligence, humour and humility.

His final Monday video after 10 years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DKv5H5Frt

Thank you, Tom!

2024-01-01 15:58:36

Today is not a great start to the year. I have a stinking cold and am in bed with my body saying “NOT TODAY, THANK YOU!!!”.

Will start the new routines and stuff tomorrow.