2024-06-18 20:11:09

The amount of negative things that my brain thinks other people think (or will think) about me and things that I do is totally ridiculous. Shut up pessimistic cynical ego. Exciting things are happening. Enjoy them! And stop worrying about things that haven’t happened yet and probably never will!!

2024-06-17 23:21:02

Feeling like I’d had every bug and virus this year but had escaped stomach flu/food poisoning.

I now have the complete set. 😥

2024-06-14 09:14:24

I’ll be glad when all this change is over. Job change. New garden office arriving (and getting out of old office). All the annual car-owner shenanigans. Extra accidental car-owner shenanigans.


2024-06-13 23:43:02

This is public enough that I can probably say it here now…

I have a new role at WP Engine!!

Three years ago I joined Delicious Brains as a web developer. And it was always my hope that there might be a path to working on the product teams there.

Two years ago WP Engine bought Delicious Brains and I got put in their web dev team in marketing (which is a SUPERB team!)

But on July 8th I will fulfill the goal and begin work on the products developing WP Migrate and Offload! Yay!! 🙌

2024-06-11 12:26:17

UK Politics

I heard a bit of Rishi’s manifesto launch.

I literally want to pay more tax and for you to invest in clean energy.

So it sounds like your “clear plan” is clearly not for me.

Though I’m not expecting much from Labour either.

I guess that makes me a socialist or something.

2024-06-05 21:36:45

Garden office news.

The people that lived here before us didn’t do many things right when they renovated the place.


They did think to run a tough pipe with electrical and CAT-5 cable down the 30m garden.

The electrics checked out a few weeks ago.

Today I crimped a couple of RJ45s on to see what will happen. Turns out I have a working cable already running to the site! 🙌

2024-06-05 09:19:20

Product idea for UK primary school parents: A re-usable dressing-up costume for special school dress-up days. Hear me out…

Take a toga-style dress and sew on a bunch of Velcro patches.

Then sell kits of stick-on adornments. Fur (for cavemen day), a sash and gold bits (for Romans Day), red dots (for Comic Relief), coloured dots (for Children in Need) and various attachments for world book day!


2024-06-04 10:08:00

Why is everything about me so in-betweeny?

I'm a late Gen-Xer, but an early/borderline Xennial.

I was born and live in Swindon which is kinda on the border of West, Midlands, South and South West England.

I rarely hold extreme opinions.

I'm destined to be middle-of-everything.