02/09/2019, 18:57

Yay! #Weeknotes for this week are done. Includes a Laravel tip, a “lifehack” that amounts to “writing things down” (🤷‍♂️), an annoying Google Maps setting that cyclists should turn off, and camping equipment reviews! https://rosswintle.uk/2019/09/the-week-2nd-september/

26/02/2019, 20:56

I didn’t say in my #weeknotes, but I’ve been getting myself sorted with PHPCS and coding standards. It’s a little set up to get up and running (Sublime was easier than PHPStorm) but I’m really into it now. I love that it takes away micro-decisions about formatting.

26/02/2019, 06:52

Short #weeknotes from half-term week. Exciting things to come though!! https://rosswintle.uk/2019/02/the-week-25th-february-2019/