Came home to more rodent issues in the house. The weekend has been investigating and patching up. Super-pest-controller vacancy still open!!

Ok, ok. Yes. I’ve been quiet. Back yesterday from a delightful holiday with amazing friends in beautiful Devon.

If you asked me how to raise a confident, strong-willed, capable girl into this world, I wouldn’t have an answer. But that very much seems to be what we are doing.

The (Working) Introvert Parent’s Day…

Finally figured out how to attach this thing to my bike. Yay! Family adventures here I come!

Argh. Now this “storage box” is in the house I realise what I ACTUALLY bought was a boat/spaceship/train/stool/craft table/shop. ?

Today’s job: safety check Sally’s bike. Spin-off tasks:
– tidy path
– tidy shed
– trip to tip
– trip to buy storage
– organise bike stuff

I’m certain that Uncle Bob knows FAR more about CS and coding that I do, and yet I find myself repeatedly & strongly disagreeing with him. e.g. I’m not much into TDD but surely TDD catches a different class of errors than those picked up by strong typing? (See here)

Small child quote of the day “I can talk and not talk at the same time!”

Been reflecting on my Webpack learning experience. I THINK the problem is that it’s TOO flexible. It needs opinions or decisions to be made.

Ah. Just found the WordPress “Update services” setting. Should speed up posts to

The amazing thing about making the Swapsies app was less the building-an-app part, but more just how quickly you can now:
* buy a domain
* deploy an app to cheap cloud hosting
* set up HTTPS for free
* deploy subsequent changes
Web development really has come on a lot. The tools are SO powerful now.

Inspired by conversations this morning, I made an (incomplete) online thingy for listing your Lego Card swapsies. – it’s not amazing and is standard Bootstrap styling, but good coding practice!

Reminded of something I heard last week: ‘love, grace, joy, connection, solidarity; what makes the whole thing matter, there is no shortage of that and it can’t be divided’