19/11/2017, 23:11

And yes, we totally take the internet for granted. With any other family IT query I’d be sending pictures, or screen-sharing or getting him to allow remote access to help him out. Without internet I was working blind and that was what made it so hard.

19/11/2017, 23:11

Paper-clip-reset incident update: I managed to, over the phone, with no visual on what was going on, use a PDF of a 10-year old NetGear router manual to help my father-in-law piece together enough information to get back online. Man that was hard work!

19/11/2017, 23:11

Actually, I remember now. BT asked my father in law to factory reset a router that *I* provided him to replace a single-port, WiFi-less USB modem years ago. Resetting would delete the ADSL connection settings anyway. So unhelpful.

19/11/2017, 23:10

The BT customer support person that told my father in law to stick a paper clip in the back of his router needs a really good talking to!

18/11/2017, 20:50

Hosting experiments: I thought this new hosting I was trying out was fast. And it’s good. But it’s not as good as ServerPilot on a cheap DigitalOcean box. Spot when the move happened!

13/11/2017, 17:36

Nearly-6-year-old son to nearly-two-year-old daughter, while Star Wars music plays:

“Ada, this is not the Lego you are looking for!”


13/11/2017, 11:23

Me to cold sales email: Please delete me – your cold calling makes you look desperate and I don’t want your services.

Reply: “Certainly not desperate to get clients. With X, Y and Z to name a few recently coming on board business has been thriving.”


13/11/2017, 11:19

Twitter should let people write “threads” or long posts *with titles* so we can skim through the feed easily.

People could then write these on websites. Twitter could pull in the content using feeds.

Imagine, then, if there was an open feed protocol & free publishing software?!

25/10/2017, 09:29

Random thought. In Star Wars Ep. 4 the trash compactor’s magnetic sealing deflects blaster bolts. So why don’t people have magnetic shields?

13/10/2017, 13:35

Considering a major service provider switch. Possible new provider:

a) copies a yahoo address on response to my enquiry
b) doesn’t have HTTPS
c) doesn’t have a privacy policy


When I’m your target market for important stuff, these are the things that matter!


I’m very much NOT a visually creative person, but today have found myself doodling/sketching for a little project! The iPad is very forgiving and seems to add a flourish!