23/12/2019, 12:09

Having a bit of a reading catch up – sorry for lots of boring links while you sit and enjoy Christmas Eve Eve:

I don’t know WHAT to think of this. If it was a picture we’d call it a “deep fake” but it’s text.

An interview with an AI Mark Zuckerberg:


20/11/2019, 09:51

My daughter won’t wear jumpers and coats claiming “I like being cold”.

I suspect this is the fault of Elsa from Frozen and her “The cold never bothered me anyway”

Can someone reassure me that Elsa doesn’t have other ridiculous preferences in the sequel?

20/11/2019, 09:49

Could we maybe agree on some instant messaging/chat app conventions for:

a) I’m sending you this now but I don’t expect a response immediately
b) I don’t expect a reply to this at all – you don’t event need to say thank you or goodbye


20/10/2019, 21:26

How on EARTH are you supposed to maintain any kind of consistency in doing anything when you have small children and both parents working? Sodding impossible!!

17/10/2019, 21:48

So my kid’s current obsession is Scratch coding. But he has limited screentime. So what does he do?

(Note: I’m sure someone has already made physical scratch blocks, but I think this is an AMAZING teaching tool!!)

17/10/2019, 21:35

After a couple of weeks of illness, exhaustion and feeling out of control of everything coming my way, I finally had a few days that I totally nailed. This included a day of ace parenting today.


24/09/2019, 19:54

It occurs to me that I now see WordPress (the software) the same way I see iOS and MacOS.

I don’t contribute.

I don’t install betas.

I don’t really give feedback.

It’s impenetrable (by me at least) software made by others.

This is kinda sad.

23/09/2019, 10:05

Somewhat philosophical: So much stuff in my life right now seems to be about choosing who we are and what we get to be. Maybe not all the time, but we all get to make decisions that affect what is next and how we get there.

13/09/2019, 16:54

I need to categorically say that I think my son’s school is ACE. I’m 180% happy with it. The staff are amazing. Any attempt to get involved in school comms is me genuinely and freely wanting to use my skills to improve things for all schools and parents.

With that in mind…