10/01/2018, 23:03

Oh, and RESULT! Today I modified a webpack config, and I actually almost knew what I was doing! And I made it do something useful! ???

05/01/2018, 09:52

There’s really not much else you can do. Clever people are working to fix this. You’ll need to trust the experts and just run the updates when they come out!

05/01/2018, 09:52

So until you buy your next “car”, there’s not much you can do to fix the source of the problem. The usual good-security rules apply:
– Keep software/apps up to date
– Don’t install apps/programs from places you don’t trust
– Avoid dodgy websites
– careful what you click in emails

05/01/2018, 09:52

I’m resident tech person for many, so…about these processor issues you’re seeing in the news: These are issues with your “hardware”. It’s like having a design flaw in the engine of your car that causes it to leak oil. The real fix is to buy a new car (or replace the engine).

04/01/2018, 22:43

Wasn’t sure how I was going to fit my little video course UI onto mobile, but I think this is a neat little solution that didn’t take too much CSS.

(Note: Don’t know if this GIF will upload to the micro blog properly…)

04/01/2018, 09:24

I’m really, really, definitely no designer, but I’m trying to build a little dashboard for watching the Laravel videos and tracking progress…IN Laravel of course.

I hope the colour-change-when-watched thing is considered slightly clever. ??‍♂️

02/01/2018, 22:23

Anyone that’s known me for more than about 5 minutes will know that I care VERY little for fashion.

But I got this super-smart new coat in the sales and I LOVE it and am quite excited about it.

I might even take a selfie!

01/01/2018, 20:58

Tried creating a long post on my blog using WordPress Gutenberg on my iPad.

1) It’s just too complicated when all I want is text + images + embeds. I didn’t want blocks. I wanted to just turn it off.

2) They’ve tried hard on mobile/touch devices, but it needs much more work.

01/01/2018, 14:12

I fell asleep before midnight. I’ve had a lovely walk & lunch with brilliant friends. 2018 is here!

Happy New Year everyone. May you learn & grow. May you have peace & be a blessing to others. May you celebrate the good & have strength in the bad.

Let’s do this!

30/12/2017, 13:26

2) Say “no” more…somehow.
3) Automate more
4) Tick off small admin jobs more quickly/often
5) Reduce notifications
6) Have SPECIFIC times for learning/reading/side projects