Are we supposed to use hashtags here? #justwondering

Kinda proud moment, if I may. I’ve been heads down in code, and occasionally I stop and think “Actually, I can whizz around PHPStorm and Laravel, the command line and complex WordPress code pretty quick these days!” #winning

My 5 year old is now teaching me “dad jokes” that I’ve not heard before. This education system seems to be working just fine!

Trying out new version of app.

Kids up at 5:30. Decided to open my laptop and get on with things. About 20 emails dealt with. ??

Good to do a little work on a tiny Laravel and Vue.js side project last night. Stretching the brain muscles a little.

I am slightly baffled and sad that my 5-year-old’s “ICT” class is a “treat” that can be removed as a punishment. IT is a core life skill, not a treat!

Confession: I was torn between the “ross” username and the “magicroundabout” username, which is what I’m known as in many other places.

Setting up a WordPress micro blog to see how that works!