If you asked me how to raise a confident, strong-willed, capable girl into this world, I wouldn’t have an answer. But that very much seems to be what we are doing.

The (Working) Introvert Parent’s Day…

Finally figured out how to attach this thing to my bike. Yay! Family adventures here I come!

Argh. Now this “storage box” is in the house I realise what I ACTUALLY bought was a boat/spaceship/train/stool/craft table/shop. ?

Today’s job: safety check Sally’s bike. Spin-off tasks:
– tidy path
– tidy shed
– trip to tip
– trip to buy storage
– organise bike stuff

My own code is never perfect; sometimes awful; always opinionated; carries baggage from my professional past; always evolving and changing. Can coders just agree that we’re all different and all learning. And that that’s ok. And they we’re people, and that people deserve respect?

I don’t always agree with other coders. And that’s OK. But boy I’m grateful for people who make software & tools that power my life & work.

Things I saw in the wild for the first time today: 1) A Tesla car 2) Someone trying (and failing) to buy fork handles.

I’m certain that Uncle Bob knows FAR more about CS and coding that I do, and yet I find myself repeatedly & strongly disagreeing with him. e.g. I’m not much into TDD but surely TDD catches a different class of errors than those picked up by strong typing? (See here)

Funny how, for many of us, “disconnected” and “analogue” are now “treats”. Connected, digital is default.

Inspired by Rob Bell talking of our need for more “boredom” and my beautiful Birthday pen. Think I’ll be writing more.

It’s 7:30. She’s been up for about 3.5 hours. So, naturally, she’s figuring out how to play Junior Scrabble

Small child quote of the day “I can talk and not talk at the same time!”

Been reflecting on my Webpack learning experience. I THINK the problem is that it’s TOO flexible. It needs opinions or decisions to be made.

Voted! #thankyoutoday for our messy, imperfect, but beautiful democracy.