15/08/2017, 18:40

Ah. Just remembered how hashtags in micro.blog+WordPress SHOULD work: it should actually create a WP tag! Need to make that happen.

15/08/2017, 18:33

There’s some serious geekery going on on the other side of my office this week. Nice to come back from holiday to!

15/08/2017, 18:31

So I tried a Monzo card while on holiday. Interesting. Sign-up UX & support is good. Still not convinced of benefits with my usage patterns.

15/08/2017, 11:54

Cool. So with that simple (for now) plugin, when posting from the micro.blog app, URL’s become links, #hashtags do something clever, and I pinched @Colinwalker’s title setting code too. #winning!

Gah! Stupid link formatting in micro.blog + WordPress. Time to make that plugin!

Came home to more rodent issues in the house. The weekend has been investigating and patching up. Super-pest-controller vacancy still open!!

Ok, ok. Yes. I’ve been quiet. Back yesterday from a delightful holiday with amazing friends in beautiful Devon.

If you asked me how to raise a confident, strong-willed, capable girl into this world, I wouldn’t have an answer. But that very much seems to be what we are doing.

The (Working) Introvert Parent’s Day…

Finally figured out how to attach this thing to my bike. Yay! Family adventures here I come!

Argh. Now this “storage box” is in the house I realise what I ACTUALLY bought was a boat/spaceship/train/stool/craft table/shop. ?