Been reflecting on my Webpack learning experience. I THINK the problem is that it’s TOO flexible. It needs opinions or decisions to be made.

Voted! #thankyoutoday for our messy, imperfect, but beautiful democracy.

Design critiquing and grammar checking election leaflets. It’s not the point. But I can’t help thinking that if you can’t proof read…?

Why are sleeping and eating – two basic and vital human functions – the two most difficult things to get young children to do?!

Home from holiday! After:

Up a 5:15am
Pack car to leave caravan by ten.
A day at Monkey World.
A three hour non-stop (almost) drive home.

What a great week though. Love Dorset!! Great weather. Feeling blessed too.

Ah. Just found the WordPress “Update services” setting. Should speed up posts to

Yes! 24 Things That Aren’t Completely Awful About Swindon (Though one of them is still ‘there’s nice places nearby’)

The amazing thing about making the Swapsies app was less the building-an-app part, but more just how quickly you can now:
* buy a domain
* deploy an app to cheap cloud hosting
* set up HTTPS for free
* deploy subsequent changes
Web development really has come on a lot. The tools are SO powerful now.

Inspired by conversations this morning, I made an (incomplete) online thingy for listing your Lego Card swapsies. – it’s not amazing and is standard Bootstrap styling, but good coding practice!

Reminded of something I heard last week: ‘love, grace, joy, connection, solidarity; what makes the whole thing matter, there is no shortage of that and it can’t be divided’

Is it me or are household garden strimmers one of the worst executed good ideas? Or am I just using it all wrong? The line is forever breaking. Surely someone has solved this problem?!

Ada joins the crew… first short ride today. Hope this is the beginning of many, many bike rides and the start of her journey to independent travel. Isaac (5) is SUCH a confident cyclist. We hope Ada will be the same.

TFW you think you should have a bad feeling about something but you can’t remember what it is. ?

After some months, I’m seem to have got to grips with the Laravel service container. A simple example helped:

Macron is 39. Andy Murray is 30. Losers! What have they done with their lives?!
…….. oh. ?

Are we supposed to use hashtags here? #justwondering

Kinda proud moment, if I may. I’ve been heads down in code, and occasionally I stop and think “Actually, I can whizz around PHPStorm and Laravel, the command line and complex WordPress code pretty quick these days!” #winning

My 5 year old is now teaching me “dad jokes” that I’ve not heard before. This education system seems to be working just fine!